Filing For Divorce In San Jose

by | Jul 22, 2016 | Divorce

Divorce in San Jose is a process that no one enjoys, especially when it is contested. It is a situation that occurs far more frequently than most people are aware. Because the dissolution of marriage process can be a long and arduous process, it is critical that you pick the right divorce lawyer.

You will want someone to guide you through this stressful process from beginning until the end. If you have children, you will want legal professionals with expertise in this area of family law representing you.

Options For Divorce In San Jose

There are three major routes you can take during a divorce in San Jose: Mediation, Collaborative Divorce, and Litigation.

Meditation is generally the least costly but can only be successful when both parties work cooperatively with one expert. All documents and issues discussed during mediation are confidential, however, the final order is filed with the court and becomes a public document. This path to a finalized divorce is often the quickest.

Collaborative divorce in San Jose involves divorce lawyers representing each involved party. The costs typically exceed that of mediation. The process will also take longer due to meetings with the client and their divorce lawyer as well as the other party and their divorce lawyer. Everything in the collaborative divorce process will be kept confidential except the final judgement.

Litigation generally becomes unavoidable when the involved parties cannot work with each other or come to an agreement if there is a history of domestic violence or a history of a power imbalance. This is the least private path to a finalized divorce in San Jose – all of the pleadings will become public record. Litigation is the most expensive of these three options because, if the case proceeds to the litigation stage, it can take a very long time which means your divorce attorney will charge you significantly more. The presiding family law judge will make the final decision at the conclusion of mediation, however, the ruling can be appealed. This divorce route is the most lengthy of the three.

Choosing The Right Family Law Attorney In San Jose

Deciding to file for divorce is not easy just as the legal process isn’t easy. There is no way to make it wonderful stress-free experience, but selecting the right divorce lawyer for you can make all the difference. You need experience you can rely on and trust. Do your research, ask any questions you have, and be straightforward and clear about your needs and expectations. You can make it through this process and hopefully come out of it better off that if you remained in the marriage.

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