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What the Bay Area Has to Say About Our Firm

Given the emotionally charged and often times very private nature of divorce, Hoover Krepelka, LLP is honored when a client takes time to articulate their experience in working with our firm. We work as a collaborative team and strive to have unparalleled client support throughout the legal process of a case.

February 2024

I have been blessed to work with Jim over many years and have found him to be abundantly compassionate, understanding but always practical. He will invest his time to outline the legal position but then add a good dose of real-world wisdom to what is for most folk a difficult period. I can wholeheartedly, without reservation recommend Jim to help you in every situation.

– Client via Avvo

December 7, 2023

What impressed me the most was Julia’s commitment to ensuring the agreement reflected our specific needs and wishes within the time frame we were working with. Julia, Travis, and their team took the time to understand our situation thoroughly, providing insightful guidance, keeping us updated on court cases, and making valuable suggestions that ultimately strengthened our document. We are pleased with the outcome, which exceeded my expectations. The prenuptial agreement Julia helped draft is comprehensive, fair, and legally sound. We feel more secure entering this next chapter of our lives, thanks to the meticulous attention to detail and expertise demonstrated. Compared to other lawyers I have worked with, Julia and her team have genuine concerns for us as clients, respect our wishes, and made the process completing the prenup seamless. I wholeheartedly recommend Julia and her team to anyone seeking a prenuptial lawyer. Their exceptional legal skills, clear communication, and genuine concern for their clients make them a standout professional in their field.

– Client via Avvo

November 13, 2023

I can not express how invaluable Jaymi Salisbury was to my custody and support case. The other party was downright contentious, refusing to participate or come to any agreement out of ignorance and spite. The case could have easily dragged into a months, or years long process, but Jaymi maintained her professionalism, working behind the scenes to help facilitate understanding where there was none, establishing trust between the parties through transparency, and expediting an outcome that was desirable for us both, with the best interests of the children being the priority. THANK YOU, Jaymi, for mitigating any future trauma and stress, by handling our case so well!

– Client via Yelp

November 9, 2023

James Hoover is an exceptional family attorney who goes above and beyond for his clients. His extensive knowledge of family law, coupled with his compassionate nature, sets him apart from others in his field. His professionalism, integrity, and unwavering dedication make him a trusted advocate during emotionally challenging times. With James by your side, you can have confidence that your family’s interests will be protected and that you will receive top-notch legal representation.

– Client via Avvo

October 25, 2023

I had such a great experience working with Elaine Le for my prenuptial agreement. I contacted her a little close to my wedding date, but she agreed to work with me and set very clear expectations for what needed to get done in order to get my prenup done on time! She was very professional, kept me in the loop, was timely to answer all of my questions, and gave me great advice in the places I had questions about. HK also provided a complimentary notary, so I was able to sign the prenup the day before I left for my wedding! Would absolutely recommend working with Elaine for your family law needs 🙂

– Client via Avvo

October 16, 2023

Jaymi is arguably one of the most confident attorneys I’ve met, who through multiple pleadings and depositions has an unassuming respect from her peers who have come to expect that there may be very few attorneys who come to a hearing or deposition as prepared as does – which enables her to deliver results to her clients in an expeditious manner while managing client expectations with candid honesty that cuts through the mess of an often inherently messy situation by its nature.

– Client via Avvo

September 19, 2023

Jim Hoover and Caycie Favier were phenomenal during my initial consultation. They constantly communicated with me throughout my case and we were able to settle out of court and both of my children received financial resources from their father within in a very tight time frame. In addition, I am continually impressed by the professionalism of their staff.

– Client via Yelp

September 15, 2023

James Hoover is empathetic, knowledgeable and professional all the qualities you want in an attorney. Divorce is difficult and overwhelming. I wanted someone who would listen to me and could guide me through the process. A friend of mine had James as her divorce attorney and was extremely satisfied with him and the outcome of her divorce. I came to James for consultation and second opinions. My ex and I had mediators and attorneys for our divorce, it took years to resolve. We had a marriage of duration with children, property and a business which made our divorce complicated. James was willing to listen and give me input on what I was being told by the others handling my divorce. It made me feel better to have another opinion on certain issues especially from someone so highly regarded in Family Law. James Hoover would be an excellent choice to have on your side. I highly recommend him.

– Client via Avvo

September 15, 2023

My son will be an in coming college freshman. In my original MSA, we did not include information regarding his 529 plan (this was completed by a different firm). My ex, who was in the primary holder of the account, refused to use the funds for my son’s education.
I hired Jim to allow my son access to these funds. Jim listened to the issues and went through the details of the MSA and found areas where we could approach my ex’s lawyer and request the 529 to be used for my son’s education. Ultimately, his father agreed to use all funds for my son’s education. This released both my son and I from the stress this huge financial responsibility had put on us.
I would highly recommend Jim for the care he demonstrated for our case, the details he was able to find in our MSA, his ability to complete the entire case in a timely manner (we were on a deadline for school enrollment) and the professionalism of his entire staff, who consulted with me at every step of the process.

– Client via Avvo

August 11, 2023

Caycie was super professional, everything that you would need to help navigate difficult times. Diligent, responsive, reassuring, validating, helpful, effective!

– Client via Avvo

August 2023

I am in my fifties, and I have had my share of experiences with attorneys (family law, employment, real estate, etc). Out of the blue, I had a need for some advice on some family law matters. Through a contact, who similarly spoke highly of Jim, I ended up spending a 1hr complimentary consultation with him. Not the first time I do these complimentary consultations, and so I was bracing for disappointment. Most of the time, the signal-to-noise ratio when speaking with attorneys is low, and much more so in initial consultations; where by and large you speak in generalities, superlatives, and, in the worst cases, FUD enters the equation. I ought to have known this was going to be different. After all, Jim’s office requested my documents well in advance so he could review. And it was evident that he had reviewed it. To make a long story short, in the 45 minutes we talked, I got *all* my questions answered. We reviewed the documents on Zoom, he pointed to specific parts and what the implications were and, important also, he listened. I have found that many attorneys like to talk, but they do not necessarily listen, and thus many times you have to hear them tell and re-tell things you already know well. Jim was experienced enough, and humble enough to know how to listen, and avoid the soapbox as much as possible. Towards the end of the meeting, and even though it was complimentary, I offered to pay him money. He certainly deserved it. He would not accept it, and negotiated me down to writing a review for him if I had time. I was going to do that anyways, but quite frankly, his candor was refreshing. I wish I don’t need an attorney ever again but when, and if I do, I hope they are half as good as Jim. He has essentially set the bar for “initial consultations” for all of them 🙂 Thank you

– Consultation via Avvo

July 2023

Finding a good lawyer, who knows what they are doing, AND will call you back, is very difficult. Look no further than Jim Hoover and his law firm, Hoover/Krepelka. This firm was highly responsive to all of my calls, inquires, and updates. And I really felt like they were on top of things, and knew the correct answers. You don’t get this kind of service and assistance at most places. The staff was also super friendly, personable, and it just instilled a high level of confidence in me, that they were the ones helping me out. I would 100% recommend HK to anyone that needs help with Family Law matters. FIVE STARS!

– Jeff via Avvo

July 2023

Had another flare up with my ex and of course Jim was right there for me. He predicted how the judge would react and was precisely correct. He then guided me through the process, helping me deescalate, and minimized how much I’d have to spend on legal fees. A+

– Jacob via Yelp

June 2023

I started navigating a relatively acrimonious divorce through a mediator but also wanted some legal advice from someone who would be in my corner. Jim spent lengthy consultation time with me explaining the whole process, gave me great advice, and also took the time to talk to me as a person and help me deal with the emotional challenges that I was, and would be, facing. Jim followed up later with another consultation and was incredibly supportive. Having seen other friends get either bad advice from lawyers or pay a king’s ransom, it was refreshing that Jim put me first as a person and didn’t try to lead me on a path that would have resulted in a payout for him. I would highly recommend Jim to anyone who wants an outstanding attorney.

– Consultation via Avvo

February 4, 2023

Jim was a great attorney to work with. He helped me reach a divorce agreement that was fair and reasonable. His professionalism, experience and “cool head” during negotiations are a combination that leads to results. He is a great listener and has a way of explaining things that a lay person can understand. In addition, he is cost conscious, trying to keep fees low by working efficiently.

– Client via Avvo

February 3, 2023

I was recommended to Jim Hoover by a friend when my divorce somewhat unexpectedly turned bitter, including attempts by the other side to request full custody of our young daughter. It was a very difficult time, and required fast response from the team at Hoover Krepelka. They prepared our initial responses, including interviewing me and getting all of our forms in place within a couple weeks. This including some work on the weekend, in order to meet the initial hearing date. Jim and his team worked with me through the custody portion to resolve it in joint custody and split timeshare, despite delays caused by Covid and court shut-downs, as well as very good timeshare throughout to spend lots of time with my daughter. Jim was very proactive in including deadlines in the initial agreements, including the settlement of our home, which ultimately allowed my daughter and I to move back into the family home, which was very important to us. Also, I must say that the team was very efficient and practical in time spent and billing. Although they have a high hourly billing rate (rightfully so), I found them to be quite efficient in time spent. I know from experience that other law firms tend to send much higher billing hours which more than offset the rate, and that is important to consider. The divorce was very difficult and stressful, but Jim and the team got us ultimately what was important to us, kept mine and my daughter’s relationship strong and the end result was the best we could hope for. I highly appreciate their support.

– Client via Avvo

February 1, 2023

When I first met Jim, I was very nervous and didn’t have a clue how a divorce process works, let alone a high conflict divorce. I sat in his office and he showed me a flow chart of what to expect in each step, a list of immediate action items for my case, what I was dealing with and my expected cost of the case. I feel a sense of relief coming out of his office and that I have found someone who can lead me in the dark and he knows the direction. Throughout the whole process, many times we were thrown off track with unexpected rising issues. Jim impressed me with his detail oriented skills by staying on top of numerous issues at once. He remains sharp, calm and to the point with his extensive legal knowledge at all the court hearings. He had won many custody and financial issues in my case which I am truly grateful for. I had observed other counsels mixing up or offering false evidence in court. Jim is professional, ethical and has a good moral compass. He always educates his clients and advocates for them. Jim has earned his reputation to be one of the top family law attorneys in the bay area. Divorce is a very financially and emotionally draining process, choosing an experienced attorney to work with your pace and align with your values is very important. I highly recommend Jim.

– Client via Avvo

January 31, 2023

I had gone through a divorce without representation for myself years ago. I agreed to terms I discovered at retirement I couldn’t live with. Mr Hoover and his team helped me get a change made I could live with along with subsequent clean up. Very kind, understanding and professional staff. Stuck with the point and didn’t waste time and money. Responsive to calls and e-mail when necessary. I hope I don’t have to ever call them again but will if I need to.

– Client via Avvo

January 31, 2023

James Hoover helped me resolve my divorce, the custody issues and made this unbearable situation smoothly than I could have imagined. James was extremely professional, yet personable and always available to discuss options to any of my concerns and took the work to closure. I highly recommend James and his law firm to anyone struggling searching for an attorney. He’s the best.

– Client via Avvo

January 31, 2023

I had gone through a divorce without representation for myself years ago. I agreed to terms I discovered at retirement I couldn’t live with. Ms Pham with her team helped me get a change made I could live with along with subsequent clean up. Very kind, understanding and professional staff. Stuck with the point and didn’t waste time and money. Responsive to calls and e-mail when necessary. I hope I don’t have to ever call them again but happily will if I need to.

– Client via Avvo

January 10, 2023

Meghan is simply phenomenal! She took my case part way as I switched from one attorney to her and it was SO seemless. She understood my needs and my priorities for my children right away and really had my back all the way through. I love that this firm and their partners really see it through the end of the case and then some. And at one point we thought it was all set and done until it wasnt. But it was super easy to reconnect with Meghan and she took me on as if there had been no gap. Meghan was very thoughtful and had my back every step of the way. I will never get divorced again, but I will forever recommend Meghan’s services to anyone in need.

– Client via Avvo

January 10, 2023

Travis did an excellent job representing me. He is skilled, intelligent and extremely engaged in his work. I always felt he had a great understanding of our situation and all the details of our divorce. Travis is also easy to work with and a pleasure to be around. I could not recommend him more highly.

– Client via FindLaw

December 21, 2022

Kelsey did a great job working on my case. She is organized, hardworking and thoughtful. She is also highly skilled and appropriately tenacious. Kelsey is great at her job!

– Client via Avvo

November 2022

I just wanted to thank you very much for assisting…a few weeks ago. I’d first like to say that your patience and kindness was most appreciated by both of us. I find that today, it is difficult to find a professional who displays these admirable qualities. Additionally, your knowledge and advice was most helpful…I will definitely keep your contact information should another person in my circle need family law assistance.


November 2022

I think finding a law firm that cares for its client and will fight to get the best deal for you is hard. Based on my experience, the Hoover Krepelka team will do that for you. I feel lucky I chose Hoover Krepelka to represent me. I don’t understand much about family law, so I appreciated all the time they spent explaining each part of my contract and all the advice they provided on how to modify it. Travis and the team were able to make several changes to the initial agreement to ensure my interest is protected. Thank you!

Client via Google

October 25, 2022

I used Elaine for my pre-nup agreement and she was amazing!! Timely, organized, helpful, and very clear! She made me feel included in the process and helped me to understand each step.

Client via Avvo

October 2022

At this time of closing the family law case, I thank you for your honest and good advice and for being so responsive. You have stood by me and looked out for my benefit in this difficult time of my life, and I appreciate that very much. I will surely recommend your service to others when needed. Thank you!


September 15, 2022

I have worked with Jim Hoover during an intense custody battle and his guidance was second to none. Jim has a great way about him and the way he serves his clients. He understands the law but he also understands how to get deals done. Obviously divorce and custody issues are highly emotional but Jim and the rest of the Team at Hoover Krepelka do a great job of supporting you doing these challenging times. Highly recommend.

Client via Google

August 30, 2022

I consulted with Jim on a personal matter and he gave freely of his time and advice, based on years of experience. He was both compassionate and no-nonsense. He told the unvarnished truth and helped me develop realistic expectations. I also know Jim to be a great supporter of women and he’s a wonderful mentor. I would highly recommend Jim or anyone on his team.

Consult via Avvo

August 24, 2022

Jaymi represented me in my divorce battle and exceeded my expectation in every single aspect of the whole process. Jaymi properly educated me and decoded the family law for me so I can understand my rights and obligations. For each step, Jaymi also patiently analyzed the pros and cons with me so I can work with her to make an informed decision. What impressed me most was how calmly and gracefully Jaymi handled the court hearings when the opposing counsel became emotional and unprofessional. I can confidently say that Jaymi had my best interest in mind throughout the process and achieved the best outcome with reasonable hours billed. I recommend Jaymi and the amazing Hoover Krepelka team when it comes to any family law needs.

Anonymous via Avvo

July  7, 2022

I would like to extend my appreciation for you. You have been very professional, thorough and driven in finding the correct solution to my case and you have been on top of everything. Also thanks for being so patient in answering many questions I had about this issue.


May  10, 2022

I used the Krepelka law firm in connection with my divorce and custody issues. Hoover Krepelka’s staff’s knowledge of family law is unequalled, and the quality of their paperwork, client management, and oral advocacy are stellar. Their approach is practical, knowledgeable, creative, and aggressive. My case included the gamut of family law issues and they were all expertly handled.

Anonymous via Findlaw

May  10, 2022

I have been a practicing litigator for over 20 years. I used Jim Hoover and the Krepelka law firm in connection with my divorce. Jim and his staff’s knowledge of family law is unequalled, and the quality of their paperwork, client management, and oral advocacy are stellar. Jim is practical, knowledgeable, creative, and aggressive when necessary. My case included the gamut of family law issues and they were all expertly handled.

Anonymous via Findlaw

March  2, 2022

Thank you, Jim, Julia, and Andrea, for all your support and guidance over the past two years. It was a very rough time for me personally, but you went out of your way to help out.

– Client

February  23, 2022

Kelsey has been so great to work with. Her attention to detail was amazing! I feel like my case was always very prepared with her on my team. She was constantly following up on all the issues to make sure everything was properly addressed. She was professional and able to handle a very difficult opposing counsel! She might be just starting her legal career but she has already shown to be top notch!!! I would recommend Kelsey to anyone. When working with Kelsey you also get the support of the very experienced firm including Jim Hoover. Their approach and teamwork makes sure everything with your case is handled properly!!! Divorce is not easy, but having Kelsey, Jim & Julia on your team you know you are in good hands!!

– Client via Avvo

February  17, 2022

Without a doubt, I would recommend Travis Krepelka (and Hoover Krepelka) to any friends or family who found themselves in an extremely challenging divorce like mine. Travis is honest, straight forward and always conservative in setting expectations. He always encouraged me to take the high road no matter how difficult, always making sure my kids were top of mind and the priority. He is incredibly professional, responsive and accountable. He set the expectations early on that my case was going to be challenging, he outlined the costs for each hearing and each trial and always listened to my concerns. He continually incorporated my ideas and thoughts into his strategy. Throughout our 5 year case, he always assured me that the court would see the respondent’s true colors, they would see his lies, and sanction his blatant disregard for court orders. He assured me it would take time but it would happen. In the end, he was right, the court did see the respondent’s true colors and I started to win repeatedly. I am thankful I had Travis leading me, encouraging me to take the high road with grace and integrity.

– Client via Findlaw

January 20, 2022

Really professional & Helpful during a stressful situation.

– Client via Findlaw

January 19, 2022

Jim and his team are the best family attorneys. I have a “one of a kind “ and highly complicated divorce case and I did interview several reputable attorneys. I really did my research. I absolutely have no regret hiring Jim and his team. My advice would be “hire Jim before your spouse does”.

Jim is very knowledgeable, competent, experienced, professional, ethical and realistic. He is also amazing and incredibly articulate in courts! Divorce can get very nasty and expensive. I find Jim and his team to be very ethical in his process. I am grateful for Jim and his team!

– Client via Avvo

January 16, 2022

Best Family Lawyer Around.

– Client via Google

January 13, 2022

I hired Jim after having begun the divorce process with a lawyer in solo practice. My divorce was very high conflict and involved child abuse and it was obvious that the time and energy required to deal with the demands of the case required a larger law firm. To date I have worked with Jim and his team on child custody and could not be happier or more grateful with the positive outcome and the way Jim handled the case. He is incredibly experienced in family law and the family court process and was very strategic in how he approached the very antagonistic situation that the opposing team had set up. As a person and professional Jim has the highest integrity. This was an invaluable asset in court where it was very obvious that the judges in our case greatly respected him and strongly considered the points he made. In presenting our case, Jim was very composed and kept his focus on the children and the outcomes he wanted, even when opposing counsel tried to obfuscate the facts and drag the case in a different direction. His approach won out every time! All our requests with respect to the children were granted, setting up a strategy where the children’s voices were heard as central to the custody outcome. In addition to working with Jim, throughout the process I was supported by his top rate team of lawyers who helped with everything from court filings to keeping me updated on all communications with opposing counsel and who were never more than an email away. Going through an incredibly difficult divorce, I’m very grateful to have Jim and his team by my side. He is a very strong advocate for his clients. I would not hesitate to recommend Jim and his law firm to anyone going through a divorce, especially a complicated divorce with a high conflict personality. I feel that Jim and his team have seen it all before and are experienced enough to strategize for the best possible outcomes.

– Client via Avvo

January 6, 2022

I have been working with Jim and his team on a matter of child support and custody. He and his team have been responsive, clear on action items, next steps and possible strategies and outcomes. He and his team build trust and I have been very pleased with them.

– Client via Avvo

January 6, 2022

I spoke to a few attorneys regarding my visitation and child support case with my ex-wife and it immediately became clear that Jim is the most knowledgeable and experienced. He’s very friendly and kept it transparent the entire consultation. Should I have to hire someone for help with family law, I wouldn’t hesitate to reach out to him and his team. As a real estate broker/agent, he left no doubt who I’ll be referring clients to that are going thru a divorce and in need of reliable representation.

– Client via Avvo

January 6, 2022

Jim was especially great in court. He made strong arguments to the judge and did so in a calm and composed manner. Mr. Hoover saw the big picture in my case and was an excellent strategist. He always took the high road with opposing counsel and had my kid’s interests as a top priority. He’s clearly done this before and knows how to respectfully and assertively get his client’s point across.

– Client via Avvo

January 6, 2022

I have engaged Mr. Hoover and his firm representing me in my divorce case. Even though it has been a challenging and emotionally taxing process, Mr. Hoover and his team have been supporting me and keeping my head straight every step of the way. Throughout the interaction and the process incurred so far, it is clear that Mr. Hoover is an expert in the field and knows the law and legal system very well. At the same time, I can attest that Mr. Hoover is a very caring person with his client’s best interest in mind. I will not hesitate at all to recommend Mr. Hoover’s service to those who are in need of legal representation for family law matters.

– Client via Avvo

December 23, 2021

Karlina represented me in a complex, drawn-out, expensive divorce with custody and parental alienation issues. The opposing party was a seasoned attorney not hesitating to use any dirty tactic to win at all cost. Karlina presented the truth in a manner that was clear and loud, enough to turn the tide in the case after several previous attorneys. Karlina always had the big picture in mind and while preparing for the trial, she kept the settlement option on the table at all times. She never hesitated to advocate for the best option to proceed, sometimes against my first or second choice. And after looking back, with all the dust settling, she was absolutely right. She had the tactic, the strategy, and my back. Huge appreciation for what you did, Karlina! Thank you!

– Client via Avvo

October, 2021

I want to say that Sally is a great employee for you. She is a great person to work with. I’m really impressed by her. She has a good personality, she is quick, she followed up. You don’t always find that with people.

– Consult

October 28, 2021

Elaine did my prenuptial agreement. She listened to my concerns and answered all my questions. Elaine is a highly competent, intelligent and trustworthy attorney. She kept me well informed and quickly returned phone calls and emails. I would highly recommend using her to anyone!

– Client via Avvo

September 29, 2021

Well beyond competent. Amazing team never dropped the ball and makes the best out of every situation. Highly recommend. Travis and team were absolutely incredible.

– Mafoto Share

September, 2021

I am so grateful to everyone on your team. I spend a lot of time with Jaymi so I have more feedback on her. She is wonderful to work with. She truly cares about my two cases and my situation. She is very smart, thorough, patient and responsive. I can’t say enough good things about her.

– Client Via Avvo

September 13, 2021

I had the opportunity to work with Julia durnig my long and contentious divorce settlement. Julia is very smart, knowledgeable and professional attorney who was looking out for my best interest all the time. She is also a very decent human being. She was an absolute pleasure to work with, and I would not hesitate to recommend her for any legal work.

– Client Via Avvo

September 13, 2021

Julia was an expert guide through my mediated divorce. I always felt heard and empowered to self-advocate after our conversations. When my ex and I came to an impasse, Julia was able to reach agreements when negotiations had stalled. Julia was extremely responsive, available, and knowledgeable; she asked thoughtful questions to understand my situation and offered advice informed by her litigation experience and expertise to keep me out of court. I wholeheartedly recommend her.

– Client Via Avvo

September 13, 2021

Andrea represented me in a rather adversarial child custody situation and with my divorce. I couldn’t have asked for better representation! Andrea translated all the legalese into English so I knew what the real issues were at every step of the process. She also educated me regarding what was happening at every step of the process and helped me focus on the best course of action for both me and my son. With her guidance we were able to resolve all of the issues much more quickly and with fewer court dates than I was expecting at the start of the process. I highly recommend Andrea

– John Via Avvo

September 13, 2021

Julia was recommended by one of my friend. Choosing her was the best thing I did for my divorce. Julia has a great work ethic, and great personality. She was very proactive during my 2- year divorce. she always answered my email/concerns very quickly. She advise me on what to do when I was stuck. She is concise and explain well everything you need to know. She is a great negotiator and because of that the resolution of my divorce was good even though my situation (a prenuptial agreement) did not favor a good outcome for me.

– Client Via Avvo

August 19, 2021

When it was time to renegotiate my settlement because my ex retired, Jim was great to work with. My ex spouse had made a proposal for the new settlement and was very confident that it was fair. After consulting with Jim, I realized that was not the case. I have a hard time sticking up for myself and my ex spouses arguments can be very convincing. Jim talked me off the ledge and helped me to get to a truly fair and reasonable end result that was considerably more than I had been offered. His office is very professional, understanding of the emotional issues involved, and represented me without being contentious. YAY! I am so relieved to have that all behind me and have no regrets or doubts about the end result.
Thanks Jim!!

– Client Via Avvo

August 16, 2021

Jim is a great attorney. He is very professional and very friendly. He saved me out of my divorce case! Before I hired Jim, my ex-wife tricked me and took away everything I had, Jim was very calm and always made good suggestion, we beated my ex-wife’s attorney and brought justice back! I would highly recommend Jim!

– Client Via Avvo

August 16, 2021

It was a pleasure to work with Elaine. She was very professional and very responsive. She always paid attention to what I was thinking and addressed my concerns right away. There were lots of tedious work in my divorce case. Elaine always took care of them right away. I feel very safe and confident to have Elaine represented me. I am very happy with the result of my divorce case. I highly recommend Elaine!

– Client Via Avvo

June 2021

Jim helped me with a family-court issue that arose a couple of years ago as a result of my ex-husband committing significant breaches to our custody agreement, in several areas, within just a matter of days. Things had fortunately settled down between my ex-husband and I since those matters were resolved, however, COVID brought about new complexities for our shared custody agreement, and what was allowed under those guidelines at the time another incident arose. My ex-husband made some liberal interpretations of those guidelines and despite my protesting, proceeded to engage in unliteral decisions, again. While I didn’t need the full-court press or to schedule a court hearing on this particular situation, I did need some assistance in providing formal documentation that what had occurred was unacceptable, and that I made efforts to communicate with courtesy and was completely ignored. Jim and Patrick assisted in writing (and delivering) a polite, but firm, letter to my ex-husband explaining existing travel/health guidelines in effect at that time, importance of co-parenting and communication, and the potential for matters to be escalated should those unilateral decisions continue to occur. Jim and his team never fail to bring me comfort during difficult situations, even those that seem small compared to most they deal with on a daily basis. Each conversation leaves me with a rational understanding of best and worst case scenarios. I become more easily settled in what path lies ahead and I never feel like I’m walking that path alone. Most importantly, every component of our conversations revolve around what is in the best interest of my son. While these situations are stressful and highly emotional, the actions we take are no less important than how they ultimately impact the child we share. I continue to be forever grateful for finding Jim and his team!

– Client Via Avvo

February 2021:

Karlina is one of the most fierce legal advocates I have ever had the occasion to work with. Fortunately, she was my own family law attorney and not the opposing party. Karlina was continually prepared, strategic, and helped me understand my options and the overall process. I always felt as if we had the upper hand, am grateful to have been able to avoid costly litigation, due in large part to Karlina’s ability to settle our issue so it didn’t end up an a drawn out court battle. Thank you Karlina!

– Mike Via Avvo

February 2021:

I am very happy to say Jim closed out my martial and child support with a timely exparte. Without Jim’s quick and forward thinking, I would have been hurt financially. I feel fortunate to have been represented by him.

– Client Via Avvo

February 2021:

I couldn’t be happier with the service I received from James Hoover on the domestic violence restraining order defense. It’s a very challenge case, since the other party was well-prepared and got two aggressive attorneys behind her. James is extremely professional, very knowledgeable in the family laws and also very caring. He used his incredible expertise and best-organized evidences to win the case and get the DVTRO request denied by the court. He saved my life and got my children back. I
highly recommend James Hoover to you.

– Client Via Avvo

February 2021:

Mr. Hoover resolved an impossible custody and restraining order case for me. He truly understands the complications of family law and how they apply to the facts of the case. He was very sensitive to the emotional dynamics, in and out of court. He always made time for me and he did not over bill for every little thing. I highly recommend him!

– Client Via Avvo

February 2021:

I am very happy to say that Jim closed out my martial and child support with a timely exparte. Without Jim’s quick and forward thinking, I would have been hurt financially. I feel fortunate to have been represented by him.

– Client via Avvo

February 2021:

I hope you never need to read this, but if you do, this team is the best family trial counsel in the area. Period.

I sincerely recommend Hoover Krepelka, specifically without reservation. I’ve worked on multi-billion dollar merger transactions in my career where we spent millions of dollars on lawyers and if I closed my eyes I couldn’t tell the difference in terms of capability and professionalism. Beyond that, I really enjoyed working with Travis on a personal level. Let’s not pretend this is an enjoyable situation to be dealing with, but I always felt very supported. Here’s my story: I tried to manage this process myself, and made very little progress getting the opposing counsel to take me serious so I decided to hire some help. To identify the right fit I scraped a public site with every lawyer in the state in order to filter for a minimum level of experience and education levels. I had calls with over a dozen qualified lawyers to consider an engagement, and I also asked each of them one last question “who is the most capable trial lawyer that you really wouldn’t want to go against”. Hoover Krepelka came up 1/3rd of the time, so I knew I needed to talk to them. When they came on board the other side changed their posture – the credibility was evident immediately. My case was complicated (including millions of dollars at play and an ex-spouse who was threatening to move the kids to a different state). This team was able to listen, ask questions and make strategic assessments that were very on point. They were very responsive and hardworking even when juggling other cases concurrently. We formulated a dual process for litigation and negotiation, and having the credible firepower to litigate if needed was absolutely necessary to achieve a negotiated outcome. The story ended well and I think both sides were happy (enough) with the results and there is zero chance it would have ended up so well without this team. I cannot thank them enough.

– Client via Avvo

January 2021:

My son’s mother likes to rattle the cage from time to time and not let a functional Marriage Settlement Agreement stand for too long. James has been an indispensable resource in these times. His knowledge of the law and what I can and cannot expect with regards to outcomes moving forward. Whether or not I a happy with the result of the information provided I am always left with a clear path forward. To boot, if in consultation he doesn’t feel anything can be added by hiring him he
actually recommends against it. Always working in the favor of the client. Thank you Jim!

– Client Via Avvo

January 2021:

After interviewing several top, highly recommended attorneys, Travis clearly stood out without a shade of a doubt. Travis demonstrated the highest level of sincerity, empathy, coupled with knowledge and confidence. I never doubted he had the welfare of myself and my children, first and foremost. I would not hesitate recommending Travis and his staff. They are top in their field and will go out of their way to walk alongside you during this extraordinarily difficult time.

– Less via Avvo

January 2021:

I was introduced to the Hoover Krepelka team last year, and was incredibly impressed with their thoughtful approach to client care. They have a beautiful office too with pleasant and welcoming staff, and I’m 100% confident when referring clients that they will
be in excellent hands every step of the way.

– Kirsten Via Facebook

December 2020:

Jim Hoover and Christine Pham were excellent they helped me with my response for custody and I was able to be heard in my case and got my custody back with my kids just in time for the holidays. I highly recommend them and they are very professional and detailed.

– Client via Google

December 2020:

I cannot thank Travis enough. He was honest and upfront with me from the beginning about what to expect. The team always balanced what was best for my case with the cost incurred with a divorced. Even in the middle of a pandemic, he and the team got me in and out in less than a year. I highly recommend Travis and his team.

– Megan via Avvo

June 2020:

I needed a tough attorney to work on my divorce case which has been prolonged more than 3 years. I jumped on and off to three different law firms and my divorce never ended until I found the Hoover Krepelk, LLP firm.

Although their fees are high, however, Julia McDowell is very sharp with her keen eyes and precise case analysis of what is needed to complete with a tight timeline. Julia helped me to end my divorce case in 3 months. She saved me the agonies that the opposing council put me in with almost 30 years of marriage. They wanted me to continue to pay over $3000/month for the spouse support, their attorney fees since the spouse never works.

Julia McDowell is also a very understanding person. I could not hire any other attorney since I had to pay over $3200/month for spouse support, the current mortgage and helping my children although they all are over 18, Julia agreed to work on my case. The opposing attorney council played dirty trick to keep all of my 1/2 money in to his trust fund. Without the money, I could not hire any attorney since they all want to pay the retainer fee of $10,000.00. Where the hell do I get the money to pay for the retainer fee when the opposing council kept all the money in his trust account. Obviously, he controlled the case completely.

Julia helped me to turn it around. She made my disadvantages to my advantage. She helped me to look for Forensic Accountant, and the Career Specialist to analyze the job skills for my ex-wife. And now, I am completely broke with zero money. However, I am living a peaceful life. That is all it matters. No more yelling, no more screaming at my ears when I am eating. No more waking up in the middle of the night because someone is putting a knife by your neck. I hope the world realizes that domestic violence can happen to the guys too. Sometimes you must say: Enough is enough.

– Bob N.

January 2020:

I have personally know Jim Hoover for over a decade. I have referred friends and family to his law firm with outstanding results. He and his law firm are a first class act, with high integrity and a fantastic staff. I highly recommend Hoover Krepelka, LLP.

Via Google

January 2020:

Absolutely amazing!

Jim and Dana helped me all the way through my meditation process with my ex. I had just started my own business and the conflict was very distracting. I requested Jim and Dana handle everything so I could get back to work. They did! The thing I loved most was how they represented me with integrity and honesty, regardless of opposing counsel’s behavior. It was important for me to keep my integrity through the process. Thank you!

Via Google

January 2020:

Hoover Krepelka, LLP is a well established Family Law firm that can handle any divorce case, however complex. It has experienced and brilliant attorneys and a well trained and efficient support staff. I like working with Hoover Krepelka because they communicate well with their experts and clients and are on top of schedules and due dates.

Irina Anissimova from Irina Anissimova, CPA, CFF

January 2020:

Thank you! I can’t tell you how much your representation in this was to me. I’m so grateful for you and helping me finally move on to a healthier chapter!


January 2020:

I hired Karlina as a consulting attorney to help me finish a 5 year long divorce process. I immediately knew I had the right attorney. I learned more from her in the initial consultation than I did from my previous attorney who cost me thousands of dollars over a 4 year period. Karlina is extremely knowledgeable and efficient. There was a chance I would be unable to settle and forced to go to trial with my ex. I was very confident in Karlina???s expertise should it have come to that. I 100% recommend Karlina!!!!!

Client Via Avvo

December 2019:

Jim Hoover is one of the best family law litigators in Santa Clara County. If you or a friend is facing a difficult, complex and/or contentious divorce, Jim will provide professional care, with a heart. He’s very experienced and specializes in family law/divorce. I highly recommend at least reaching out for a consultation.

Google Review

December 2019:

The lawyer you want on your side…

Mr. Hoover was extremely professional and helped me through a difficult divorce process. He is knowledgable and compassionate and listened to my goals, helping me to take the best course of action. He is definitely the advocate you want on your side.

Client Via Avvo

December 2019:

Jim and his associates helped navigate me through my divorce with professionalism, ease and care. What could have been a drawn out and costly process was minimized due to their expertise. We were also able to settle the case amicably.

– Stuart M.

December 2019:

I want to say that this was my first time working with this law firm. Dana was my attorney and she stood by me 100 percent!Every bit of communication ,she made sure to be always clear, informative and most importantly, prompt. I feel that she is very compassionate, smart and a perfect attorney. I am very happy that I stayed with Hoover Krepelka the whole 100 percent of the way.
Thank you so very much Dana, KrisO, Joyce, Gabby, Van, Karlina, Michelle, Courtenay and Melinda. I wish I could name every one of you at Hoover Krepelka. Thanks for the relief and thank you for being here when I needed you the most. I just want to add that my case must have been the weirdest and craziest case ! This law firm got me what was best for our family. Bravo! You are the best. Hoover Krepelka

– Ayana H.

December 2019:

My partner and I were very nervous and hesitant in finding help with what we felt was an honest case. For years we have been in a custody dilemma. James gave us our time, even if it was to just vent, and expressed true understanding towards our situation. Right away he was able to give us an immense amount of advice tailored to us and our family. We have never felt more confident in moving forward with the representation he has already shown towards us.


December 2019:

In praise and grateful appreciation of Julia B. Bressman, Esquire, and her assistant, Stacey Brindle.
During my initial consultation with Attorney Bressman, I wasimpressed with her professionalism, knowledge and willingness to do whatever it took to accomplish my goal of obtain a Dissolution of my Marriage. She did not flinch when she found out I had just moved to Santa Clara County (6 weeks before our meeting), and that my spouse lived in the State of Missouri. Julia researched and developed a very weil thought out plan of attack, explained to me what and how shewould be filing for the Dissolution and asked for my concurrence – which I readily gave her.
On the thirtieth day after the filing, the default date if no answer was filed, my spouse, through a California Attorney, filed a Motion to Quash based on the allegation of non-service. In addition, she filed a Divorce action in the State of Missouri. At first blush this had all the trappings of becoming a messy, complicated and expensive divorce.
Ms. Bressman had to work with my spouse’s CaliforniaCounsel, retained on a special limited appearance basis, and |had to hire an attorney in Missouri. Ms. Bressman could notrepresent me in Missouri, so she had to work with my Missouriattorney to obtain the best possible outcome for me. ANDSHE DID!!

– Frank S.

December 2019:

I retained Jim Hoover to handle a variety of civil issues for me. Not only was he and his law firm extremely professional, but also very caring. Even after my issues were resolved, Jim continued to help me and was always there if I needed him. Jim and his law office are The best civil attorneys I have ever dealt with and I would highly highly recommend them.

– Client Via Avvo

November 2019:

Dear Jim & Karlina, You guys are simply rockstars!!! You guys are the first step that opened the doors of the best life for me and my children!!! A million thank yous will never be enough!!! Hands-down the best law firm that is out there is you guys!!!

– Client

September 2019:

Travis Krepelka handled my divorce and was outstanding in every way. His knowledge, experience, and insights are matched only by his caring for all parties involved. He knows the process very well, but more importantly, he helps you manage the process so that all parties concerns are addressed, at the least possible cost and hassle. My divorce was years in the making and a task of great anxiety for me. Throughout the entire process, he addressed all of my concerns, was a pleasure to work alongside, and was the key part of a reasonable, fair resolution. I truly believe that he is the best attorney you can find in this area for family law. Like most good attorneys, his hourly rates are high. But Travis is worth every penny. And in many cases, he saved us money by handling the divorce in as straightforward a manner as possible. He also worked very well with opposing council. Frankly, I cannot imagine working with anyone else. I highly recommend Travis specifically for any family law needs you may have. Not only will you be pleased, but you will feel as though you have done it right.

– Client

August 2019:

You guys. Thank you very much for your kind words. The enlightenment I have had in the past few weeks has a lot to do with your involvement. Starting from the book Jim gave me and to the strategy with which we are approaching I am confident for a happy future with my children coming sooner. You read my heart and mind in the first few meetings. I am in a very stable, confident and better place emotionally. You are not just litigators but bear the wellness of your client, so thank you from my bottom of my heart.

I barely did anything yesterday, it was all Jim who owned the meeting effortlessly.

– Client

July 2019:

I contacted Jim for a family matter consultation. Jim and his staff make you feel welcome right from the start. He is very professional and very knowledgeable in the laws. Jim gives you his complete attention and will answer all of your questions clearly. He had very helpful advice and made suggestions that helped me make some tough decisions. I am very happy to have found such a wonderful attorney that I trust and I would highly recommend Jim.

– Consultation

July 2019:


Thank you very much for doing such a fantastic job putting this together and helping me through the process. You made sornething that was overwhelming to me so much easier. Kudos to you on great work Kris!

– Client

July 2019:

Sharp and sweet, Dana. You help me through one of the most difficult times in my life. I will forever be grateful to your law-firm. Thank you Karlina, and Dana.

Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts.

– L.T.

June 2019:

I wanted to send my sincere thank you to both of you for all of your effort, time and energy that you both put forth over the last months.

I am incredibly grateful to both of you for everything and without a doubt superbly grateful for the win! I cannot wait to be a bigger part of my boy’s lives and I am smiling ear to ear ever since yesterday afternoon.

I am glad I have finally found the right firm to represent me in this case and so grateful that you are both so good at what you do!

– Client

June 14, 2019:

This firm helped turn my case around. Previously I was with sole practitioners who didn’t have capacity to deal with my “high conflict” ex. Travis was strategic and excellent in questioning the key witness. Julia was incredibly organized, knowledgeable and efficient. And they both listened to me and were empathetic. My little one and I thank you.

– Julie M.

June 13, 2019:

I pride myself in having the network to refer the best of the best to my friends and family when in need. In a marriage when friends are faced with the inevitable I make sure I refer them to Hoover and Krepelka. There are several great attorneys in this group that are worth their weight in gold.

I learned from people I referred to them that they treat the opposing party with respect (if given the opportunity) this tends to keep the billing down but at the same time doing what’s best for their client. If push comes to shove they will fight for their client, that’s what my preference would be. Start amicably and if need be bring in the big guns.

If you need a family law attorney, I highly suggest retaining Hoover and Krepelka immediately before your spouse does.

– Susan N.

June 7, 2019:

I was referred to Karlina when I was looking for an attorney to help my sister. She was able to meet with her quickly and gave her great tips on how to get out of ha bad marriage. Later when my mother in law needed help I again referred her to Karlina and the firm. She retained and helped in a difficult time. In my line of work I hear a lot of struggles from people and whenever I think Karlina can help, I send them her way. Highly recommend her!

– Amanda W.

May 2019:

Prenuptial Agreement

“I left a message after hours. I received a call back promptly by the support team and a personal call from the named partner. I had a short time frame to accomplish my objective and I was done within days. I received excellent legal advice and the whole experience was pleasant from the receptionist to Jim Hoover. If I have any legal needs in this arena again this is my law firm for life.”

– Craig N

May 2019:

“I wanted to sincerely thank you for your time and undivided attention during our consultation. You answered questions, specially about Supervised Visitation, that I didn’t even know I had!! Ironically, during our conversation, my daughter’s Father sent me a bunch of messages about setting up a Supervised Visit with her. Because of the information you gave me, I was able to shut him down with actual facts, and I was able to let him know the boundaries that exist for those visits!! Thank you!!

I retained a lawyer in {a different county} as I couldn’t afford to pay for all of the travel time that was going to be involved in my case.

She, so far, has really been on top of things. We had Court and remarkably, it totally went my way! I retained custody for the foreseeable future and my daughter is safe, secure, and thriving! Her Father has been given the opportunity to receive the help he really needs. Whether or not he chooses to pursue this, it’s on him.

Just wanted to make sure you knew how grateful I am for the time you spent with me. It really helped me and my daughter. This is going to be a long book, and I realize we only got through one chapter, but, for now, everything is all good!
I wish you all the best!”

– Consultation

May 2019:

Karlina is a first class attorney! Early on in my case she was brought in to assist with the assigned attorney, but she made her mark because of her genuine concern for clients. She was always attentive, responsive and took the time to address any concerns and questions. I was able to work through my case in a very cooperative fashion as she recognized how we could move things forward together. Karlina knows the law and exceeds expectations in getting to know her clients. Her responsiveness and ability to cut through to identify priorities and know details of the case is unparalleled!

– Sandra

May 2019:

Atty. Karlina is a very compassionate lawyer. She can feel what her client is going through. She did everything to help my sister get the justice she deserves. Thanks again attorney.

– Myrna

April 2019:

“I could not have been in better hands. James Hoover understood my challenge and the approach I wished to take. My intention was to do what was in the best interest of my daughter in the most upstanding manner possible. James was kind, understanding and produced the outcome that I had hoped for. I always felt confident knowing that they were in my corner. I do not wish needing a family law attorney on anyone, however, I fully recommend this firm to anyone who does. The entire staff was professional and compassionate throughout the process and I could not be more grateful.”

– Maureen C.

April 2019:

“I couldn’t have done it without such an amazing team….I cannot tell you how relieved, grateful and happy I am! … I thank you both for your counsel, guidance and patience with me. You (Jim Hoover) provided me so much comfort throughout this whole process and I cannot thank you enough!”

– Client

March 2019:

I hired Jim after letting go of my first attorney. When I came to him, my ex-wife and I were in a tumultuous battle. With Jim’s help we were able finalize the divorce amicably. Jim is an expert and truly cares about his clients.

– Stuart

February 2019:

Jim and his staff are amazing. I was divorcing a highly narcissistic individual who would not participate in the process. I never thought it would get finished (it had been going for 8 years before I came to Jim.) They got me a good settlement but also held my hand through the abusive texts and emails from my ex. I got answers back immediately whenever I had questions. If you are divorcing a tough individual who doesn’t want to play by the rules, Jim will get it done. I highly recommend Jim Hoover.

– Client

February 2019:

I worked with James Hoover in a divorce case and he gave me top notch advice on how to move forward with my case. He helped address the strong-arm tactics that we saw from opposing counsel and made me feel more in control of the whole process.

– David

February 26, 2018:

Outstanding Attorney
5.0 stars

Julia is a competent, hardworking, and trustworthy attorney that always has her client’s best interests in mind. She is an exceptional lawyer and a wonderful person, too. I would definitely recommend her to anyone.

– Prashant V.

February 14, 2018:

As good as they get!
5.0 stars

During a sensitive transition Julia was a guiding light for a mutual client. I couldn’t recommend anyone else for your family law needs. Thank you Julia.

– Dan B.

February 2019:

“My divorce lasted nearly a decade. When I found Hoover Krepelka through my financial advisor, Jim Hoover decided to end the limbo for me–when I wasn’t strong enough to do it myself.

Not only did they get me a good settlement, but they handled the abusive texts and emails that I received and offered the emotional strength to keep going. That is above and beyond the call of duty and it’s not normal to find in a law firm. I honestly don’t know that this could have been finished without them. My ex wouldn’t hire a lawyer and wouldn’t participate in the process. I am forever grateful for their ability to get things done without making things harder on me with my ex. Jim Hoover and their entire staff was amazing.

If you are divorcing a narcissistic individual, I highly recommend Hoover Krepelka. They will help you move forward and start living your life again.”

– Kristin

“I worked with James Hoover in a divorce case and he gave me top notch advice on how to move forward with my case. He helped address the strong-arm tactics that we saw from opposing counsel and made me feel more in control of the whole process.”

– via Avvo

December 2018:

“The whole team was friendly, helpful, punctual, and regularly checked in with me. I felt well taken care of in a time of stress. Thanks Karlina!”

– Megan B

September 2018:

“I’ve known James Hoover for over 10 years and I’m always impressed by his work ethic’s, integrity and how he cares for his clients. He’s represented a number of my client’s, friends, including myself.

I know Jim gave his all when representing me and does the same for all of his clients. He’s an amazing Litigator that will fight for the best outcome for his clients. I highly recommend James Hoover!”

– Elaine

September 2018:

An Ace Of A Firm

In 2002, I consulted and retained Robert Hoover for my divorce. To me Robert felt more like a loving father figure than my lawyer. I had so much trust and confidence because Robert was above and beyond any lawyer I had encountered. I was able to continue my daily life without the stress of the divorce process. Halfway through my divorce, Jim joined his father and became Partners in Hoover and Hoover. I knew they were a Maverick team and an ace of a firm.

March 2018, 16 years later I contacted the firm because I was called back into Family Court. Robert had retired but Jim was always there for me and he was the a Ace on hand for the win. Jim was remarkable with exceptional knowledge and Grace, both times.I know my life would not have been the same as it is without Jim and Robert Hoover. From my experience as a female getting a divorce, I would like all women going through the family law system to have the same privilege that this firm provides for the best outcome for themselves and their children as I had. It is an honor to be a part of their highly knowledgeable and functioning firm and I would recommend them without a doubt.

– Stephany

August 2018:

“Karlina was my attorney. She is an intelligent and compassionate lawyer. She is a great problem solver and negotiator. She genuinely cares about her clients. She helped me reach a settlement with my ex wife , when I thought it might be impossible. I give her an ” A” grade. “

– Robert

August 2018:

I was represented by Karlina. She is very knowledgeable, efficient, and professional. I was impressed by the attention and knowledge that my matter received. She helped me reach a fair settlement. Karina is amazing at what she does and I would highly recommend her. Thank you so much Karlina!

Lori V.

July 2018:

When I was referred to HK I was in a pickle. My 1st lawyer had given me bad advice that caused me undo stress as part of my divorce. Meeting Travis and Karlina was very refreshing and the whole staff was professional all the way down to the finance person. Yes, I said finance because you will soon find out 6 minutes means 6 minutes.

After my initial meeting KARLINA PAREDES FULK took over and kept the process moving and in the right direction. Karlina was able to manage my ex wife’s lawyer and process all at the same time. Karlina was also available anytime I needed any guidance and for that matter reassurance. Please don’t forget that Karlina was also able to keep me in line not only in court but during the process.

I have referred several people that are at the front end of divorce. I will only refer people to HK – Travis and Karlina!

“Having a great lawyer will make your life better”

– Tim

July 2018:

Thank you again for everyone’s hard work and great representation. In going through this process, the fact that your group listened and took the matter seriously made all the difference. I greatly appreciate Mr. Krepelka’s understanding, experience and professionalism. With his competence and ease, I felt confident in a very difficult situation.
– Confidential Client

June 2018:

I retained Karlina in spring 2017 to handle an issue with my vindictive ex-girlfriend. She was extremely responsive (more than my prior attorneys) and was efficient in getting my papers filed. We went to court and the judge ordered a same day trial. She immediately cleared her calendar and prepped over lunch for a 3pm Trial. She had evidence thrown out, exposed the lies with my ex, and won the case for me! A huge relief. Since then I’ve reached out to her about minor support and custody issues that have come up and she’s always willing to help. I’ve referred several people and highly recommend her and this firm.

– Adam

April 2018:

“Great experience! I was a client of Jim Hoover and Hoover Krepelka, LLP, and found their office and staff to be professional and courteous. Jim Hoover answered all of my questions quickly and kept me updated with any new developments in a timely manner. His staff is very friendly and accessible leaving me with a feeling of comfort and the knowledge that I was in good hands. I highly recommend Hoover Krepelka, LLP. “

– Barrie

April 2018:

I am a recent client of Jim Hoover and Hoover Krepelka, LLP, and found their office and staff to be professional and courteous. I was particularly impressed by Daniella who greeted me the moment I arrived and offered a friendly welcome that put me at ease. Jim Hoover answered all of my questions quickly and kept me updated with any new developments in a timely manner. His staff is very friendly and accessible leaving me with a feeling of comfort and the knowledge that I was in good hands. I highly recommend Hoover Krepelka, LLP.

-B. Jones

March 2018:

Partner Jim Hoover and associate Karlina Paredes Fulk were outstanding advocates for me during the 6+ years I was in divorce and custody proceedings against my ex-husband. They were always very responsive to me, as well as transparent and honest throughout the proceedings. I felt their fees were reasonable, and – perhaps most importantly – the results they achieved on my behalf in both my divorce and custody proceedings were as good as I could have hoped for under the circumstances. Jim and Karlina also went above and beyond for me – just one example is when I applied for a mortgage to buy a home after my divorce was settled, the lender demanded an original copy of my divorce decree – and needed it by the end of the day. Jim and Karlina didn’t hesitate when I called to see if they could help (I couldn’t find it in my files) – they sent a runner down to the courthouse and I had the original copy of the decree by that afternoon. While I don’t wish anyone to have to go through a divorce or custody dispute, should you find yourself in that position you can’t do any better for yourself then engage Jim, Karlina, or anyone on the Hoover Krepelka team to represent you.

– Kelly

March 2018:

My mother had a stroke and her husband left and abandoned her in England confused and alone while her husband came back to the U.S. and divorced her, telling the judge he didn’t know where she was and couldn’t locate her. The judge gave him all her property and stuck her with the taxes because she was not here to speak for herself. I found her got power of attorney and brought her back and hired Robert Hoover to reverse the bogus divorce. He and the firm are our champions, knowing we had limited funds, he was able to reverse everything and put it back to the original state. While there were some things she couldn’t get back and some she didn’t want back (her husband) he fixed the mess for us.

Update: Her husband died shortly after and because Robert Hoover reversed everything back to the married state, she now get’s to collect his social security. So while the bugger got away with some of her possessions, she prevailed in the long run and it’s all thanks to Bob Hoover! I highly recommend this firm!

– Courtney

March 2018:

I couldn’t be happier with the services I received from Jim Hoover and his team. I had hired another attorney at the beginning of my divorce process and wasn’t entirely happy. When searching for a new attorney there were those that would not take my case due to the opposing attorney but Jim wasn’t intimidated and took my case.

I am grateful I hired Jim and his team to represent me; they listened to my concerns, guided me in areas I needed guidance and had my back throughout the entire process. I was able to trust Jim and his team to do what I asked of them. Trusting someone to have your own best interest in focus is not always easy to do in these situations but that was not the issue for me.

You will not regret hiring James Hoover to represent you in your case.

– Confidential Client


I consulted with Jim Hoover to explain to me my options regarding my impending divorce. He laid everything out for me in a very thoughtful, logical manner. I especially appreciate his kindness and the integrity that he displayed throughout the process. If you’re looking for a kind, highly intelligent, experienced family law attorney with INTEGRITY, I highly recommend Jim Hoover!

– Confidential Client

March 7, 2018:

I have been using Hoover Krepelka for years. Jim Hoover and Travis Krepelka handle custody, divorce and all types of Family Law issues. I would not hesitate to use them again or refer them to friends and family. My attorney is Jim Hoover (a bulldog in the courtroom) but there are other attorney’s in the office that are really good too so you are sure to find someone that fits your needs and personality style. They even offer a 1-hour consultation which can sometimes resolve your issue if you just have questions. If you need a family law attorney you want the right team on your side and in my book Hoover Krepelka is that team.

– Confidential Client

December 2017:

“I have been incredibly impressed by Hoover Krepelka. I specifically worked with Jim Hoover. I would highly recommend him for any case, and I say that because he quickly earned my trust and respect. He has the ability to listen to my needs and point of view, yet they balance it with deep knowledge in the law and their field. This firm has a great track record, and they take the “high road” with regards to integrity and values, and that meant a lot to me. Frankly, I didn’t see that amongst attorneys at other firms. In addition, I found Hoover Krepelka to be quite fair and transparent in their costs and billing, and they proved to be a very good value for my investment. I am quite pleased with the outcome of my case and the timely and undying support they provided to me. This whole, difficult experience of divorce would have been significantly more trying had it not been for Jim and this firm. I am quite grateful for them actually ; I found them at a time of need, and they rose to the occasion. “

– Scott

December 2017:

“I hired Hoover Krepelka in 2016 to help me with my divorce. Jim Hoover and his staff were amazing! Super professional and always helpful in my case. I was very impressed with the service they provided. After a very long search for the right attorney, I knew when I walked into their office, I was in good hands. I saw the amount of hours of hard work and dedication to help provide me and my boys the best outcome. Several times in court in front of the judge and the opposing attorney, I witnessed Jim giving it his best effort and putting all his effort to get me the best outcome. Every time I called, email or texted Jim and his staff, there was always a quick and informative response and provided the best legal advice to me. I would highly recommend Hoover Law! “

– Linda

December 2017:

Jim is not just a valuable and trusted attorney, but he proved to be a thought partner which was especially needed and appreciated during a time of a divorce. Jim provide timely, candid, and helpful advice, yet he also took the time to listen to my needs and my perspective. He has great perspective and experience, and his staff is very supportive and reliable. In addition, Jim is conscious and fair in how he bills which was quite appreciated throughout this process. I was pleased with the outcome of my case, and this is largely due to his expertise and perseverance on this journey with me. I would strongly recommend hiring him.

– Scott

December 2017:

Working as family law experts must be a challenge. When looking to work with family law experts, there are a few things one may be looking for; you want the most knowledgeable, you want an attorney who is experienced, and you want an attorney who will bill you fairly.

In working with HK, I’ve found that they understand the legal process in family law, and will fight for what you deserve, and not waste your time trying to seek unreasonable requests. I came to HK law with a friend of mine who needed help. I was there for emotional support, and because she has asked for help with her finances. I went to an appointment with Jim Hoover, and was very impressed with his knowledge. It’s no surprise, as the firm has been around since the early 60s, that he knew not only the legal answers my friend was looking for, but he also understood her, and what she was going through.

In this appointment, Jim’s experience led him to share with my friend that she may be dealing with some emotional support issues that may hinder her from getting the support she needed, and he was able to help her through it.

In working with another friend who needed legal advice, I joined a friend in an appointment with Travis Krepelka. His experience with financial abuse was paramount in helping my friend decide how to move forward with her legal separation.

Finally, legal counsel can be very costly. I appreciate that I felt like HK was looking out for my friends and their best interest, 100% of the time. They leverage their team, by sharing the work on their case with other associates. They keep the billing costs down. For example, you want the attorney to focus on your case, and the strategy… You don’t want to pay an attorney their hourly rate to fill out a form for the court that a law clerk would be able to do for a fraction of the cost. They have experts in their office that they give work to in order to keep your billable time down. They asked for a deposit/retainer, which I understood was customary. A wise friend once told me that “the most expensive advice you can receive is bad advice, or even worse, no advice at all.” In my experience with my friends, Hoover Krepelka has always more than paid for their work with strong results.

If I have a friend, client, family member or colleague dealing with family law matters, Hoover Krepelka is always the first firm I think of, and it’s where I would send them to get help. I’ve had the experience in their office to know that Hoover Krepelka is knowledgeable, experienced, and always looking out for the best interest of their clients.

– Shane

May 2017:

I was referred to Jim Hoover by a good friend that used him for her divorce and so glad that I did so. When I met with Jim, I was a basket case after dealing with my nasty husband who beat me black and blue. I was so scared and he put me at ease within minutes. He did not mind that I balled my eyes out and let me cry, I was a sorry mess and so worried for my kids because my husband is so violent. Not only did he get me a restraining order by the next day but also got my husband out of the house and away from me and the kids. He was like a Knight in shinning armor the way he stormed into court taking charge. He had my back! Within 3 months, he had my husband paying for my legal fees, which helped immensely and allowed me to keep fighting the fight. I do not know what I would have done without him and my team. Oh yes, I have to mention the team, I was issued my own team of people that deal just with me and know me. They kept me informed about what was needed and called me each time I had a meeting or court appearance to remind me, they even watched my kids! I highly recommend them if you want to win and get away from your husband!

– Carmen

November 2017:

Where do I begin? While divorce is never easy my experience with Jim Hoover and his entire staff at Hoover, Krepelka LLP was remarkable. Beginning with the free consultation through the final judgement my experience was first rate. They were professional, courteous, understanding, attentive and very thorough. They made the entire ordeal as seamless as possible. While I don’t intend to go through the process again in this lifetime, I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone that is going through a similar situation. Thanks again Jim and the entire staff!! Your services were greatly appreciated!!!”

– Confidential Client

“I wanted to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation to the Hoover Krepelka, LLP Team. Especially to James and Karla. My situation was unusual. I recently retired after serving more than three decades in the Navy. Six months after retiring I was served with papers from a person that claimed to be my estranged wife. This person had been stalking me on my professional social media site during my time in the Navy and managed to locate my new employer where I was served. I was shocked that someone I have never met or spoke with could actually claim she was my spouse and seek compensation. What I learned is that anyone can sue anyone for any reason. So – I needed to hire a lawyer to defend myself. I don’t live in California, so I did a bit of online research to try and find a good CA law firm. I contacted Hoover Krepelka, and it was my lucky day. James happened to over hear me speaking to the person who answered my call. That’s when James decided to personally get involved in my case. A couple of days later James and I spoke on the phone so I could explained my situation to him. At the end of the conversation, he assured me that everything would be ok – then he said, “thank you for your service to our country, and if you don’t mind I would like to handle this cause for you pro bono.” His offer caught me off guard. After composing myself, I humbly accepted his gracious offer. James then assigned Karla (who was absolutely wonderful) to my case and followed the procedures every step of the way. In the end everything turned out just as James assured me. It does my heart good, knowing that good and decent people like James and his team live in our great country. I would recommend James and entire Hoover Krepelka law firm to anyone 100X over. Thank you James and Karla. God Bless”

– Confidential Client

“Extremely professional and no-nonsense firm. Julia and Travis worked with me to set goals and expectations and were very clear about how to do this as cost-effectively as possible. This is never a nice life moment to go through but they made it much more bearable and were very supportive. Highly recommend this team and the company.”

– Louise C.

“I made the introduction for a client of mine who was already working with another family law attorney on a very complicated situation. They were so happy with the advice and consultation Travis provided they are moving forward with Hoover Krepelka and could not be any happier.”

– Richard L.

“This is a review for Julia McDowell, senior associate. She was originally the associate on my case and I ended up hiring her to be my sole representative. Julia has put in countless hours on my behalf. She is a highly intelligent, responsive, honest, careful and articulate attorney. She knows my case and its facts as much as I myself do. She is calm and articulate in the courtroom and puts me at ease. My case is incredibly complicated, one of the hardest a family law attorney can take on, and I have full confidence in her abilities. I highly recommend Julia and I thank her for all that she has done for my daughter and me. All 5 stars for Julia.”

– Erin

“I was referred to Hoover Krepelka by a friend, and I’m glad I chose this firm. Travis is extremely knowledgeable, straightforward, and honest, even if you don’t want to hear it. Here’s not going to waste your time, and money, trying out strategies that aren’t going to work. They handled my case well and got me the outcome I wanted in the end. Travis did everything right! You can’t go wrong with this team!”

– Amanda N.

“We were very impressed with H&K LLP – they are not necessarily the cheapest law firm in the valley but in my experience they are one of the best and most effective. In particular our attorney Karlina was exceptional, her advice, strategy/negotiation skills, compassion for our children and professionalism helped steer us to a very successful conclusion in our custody case. We now have physical and legal custody of both our teenage children and are able to provide them with the stability that they need to be happy and successful in life.

Big big thanks Bob Hoover and Karlina and a strong recommendation !!”

– David C.

“I wanted to sincerely thank Mr. Hoover for his time and patience on meeting with me. I felt very welcomed and comfortable. We have decided that it’s best for me considering my situation to go in a different direction with a family friend. I appreciate your efforts. I will definitely spread the word about your law firm.”

– Confidential Client

“This is not an ordinary review for a divorce attorney as they were representing my ex-husband. But I feel that the office of Hoover Krepelka does deserve an outstanding review in regards as to how they treated me in the most devastating time of my life. Divorce is difficult. No one wins. It can be traumatic and financially catastrophic; especially for the non-working spouse. I was a stay at home parent to our two young children. When I filed for divorce in 2006, I had no idea what to do; I interviewed a mediation attorney and divorce attorneys. I finally settled on a divorce attorney as I believed my spouse would not be able to compromise fairly. Throughout the divorce proceedings, the Hoover Krepelka team (especially Bob and Jim Hoover) treated me with the utmost kindness and respect. I know they did a great job representing my ex-husband but I appreciate that they did it in a way displaying both professionalism and compassion. Even though I was the opposite party, I would still highly recommend them to anyone considering divorce.”

– Barbara B.

April 2016:

“I retained Hoover Krepelka for post-judgment issues. The law firm, in my experience, is like a well-run orchestra. The first violin, Jim Hoover in my case, is a virtuoso negotiator and strategist as well as a compassionate listener. The tireless pianist, Julia McDowell in my case, excels in her staccato writing style – short, springy, lightweight sentences – that transforms any facts, no matter how snarly or difficult to stomach, into an easily digestible story. The clarinet, Lillian Reifkind, a legal assistant, makes sure everything that needs to be served, or filed, or scheduled is indeed served/filed/scheduled on time, and updates from Lillian literally could not possibly be written any crisper. The conductor – the office manager, Michelle Casillas – clearly knows what she is doing, and other supporting instruments all join together in executing a nearly flawless performance. Small mistakes (we are all human) are owned up to elegantly and corrected at no charge to the client. Even another first violin – Travis Krepelka – got involved in my case helping with a tip.

I would like to make two special recommendations for Julia, who is the most senior attorney among associates in the firm.

First, I would like to recommend her for people whose marital relationship involved what nobody deserves to experience – psychological and physical violence. Julia would be able to simplify your story as to make it easily readable; she clearly has mastered the craft of selecting representative facts, cutting down on verbosity and making salient points. She is a good writer AND a good lawyer – exactly the combination to look for in your legal representative. And she is completely unperturbed by the games played by the perpetrators of emotional cruelty, which sets the tone for communications with the opposing party.

Second, I would recommend Julia for people of Russian background as she reads Russian fluently and would be able to tell you what documents or correspondence in Russian merits a court-certified translation, thereby cutting down on the costs of translation to the bare minimum.

All in all, I only wish I had found Jim and Julia much earlier.”

– Natasha D.

December 2015:

“I have known Travis since 2007 when I started working with Bob Hoover’s firm in my divorce case. He was a junior attorney that time who handled all aspects of my complex custody case.

His through professionalism, prompt action and meticulous handling of all paperwork always impressed me. He is an excellent creative writer, whose carefully drafted legal paperwork with lots of deep legal research work and citations make a huge difference in contested divorce case like mine, I think. He was my second attorney. With of his diligence and thorough knowledge of all aspects of family law, he turned around my case and got me due results in a highly contested and lengthy legal battle. I wish I had him from the beginning of case.

Since 2007, I was witness to Travis’s very fast and steady rise as a very able family law attorney in bay area. No wonder he soon became a partner of his firm in 4-5 years. Even though my case was resolved with his help much before, I had to use his services again in 2012 for a pending matter in my case that finally went to trial. I was very much impressed with his deft and extremely mature handling of the long trial session — once again with thorough professionalism. He not only won the trial and obtained the desired result (that involved a foreign travel with my child) for me against stiff challenges from the other side (with battery of expert lawyers at multiple stages), he successfully removed all legal obstacles later on very effectively. In my opinion, he is now a complete family law attorney, who not only deals with all aspects of a complex legal case very professionally including trials, he has a unique style and legal maturity at a young age that even the seasoned attorneys and judges appreciate.

Of course, all good things come with a price tag and he is costly. But, every penny is worth when he takes up a matter and brings results. I will definitely recommend him to my friends.

I wish Travis all success.”

– Milan

September 2015:

“I Found them on yelp and decided to try them off of their reviews. Best decision I ever made! Robert helped me every step of the way. I Wouldn’t go to anybody else. “

– Noah

February 2014:

“A great group of people! The Hoover Krepelka group truly go above and beyond for their clients. Couldn’t recommend them more.”

– Danny B

“Divorce is never easy. In fact, it is quite scary and confusing. After the nightmare I was having with my first lawyer, a friend recommended that I call Jim Hoover for representation. It was the best thing I ever did! The first time I spoke to Jim, I immediately felt at ease. He’s extremely professional, personable, honest and knowledgeable. He really took the time to listen with kindness, compassion, and understanding. I was impressed by not only his work ethics but value on family and wanting what is best for the kids. To help with costs, my case was assigned to Jill who also was phenomenal. Jim over saw each step of the way and his entire staff from day one was informative, helpful, and guided me through the entire process. Not once did I ever feel left in the dark or lost. The communication was extraordinary and no matter what, whether it was an email or phone call, they immediately responded.

I was already on a time crunch since I only had 2 weeks before my court date when I hired Jim. Not only did Jim take the stress and pressure off of all the paperwork in firing my old attorney, he and his team worked diligently on getting a final judgement done in time for my court date. They didn’t string anything out and were thorough and efficient. They even took the steps to call the courts ahead of time to let them know about the judgement. No time was wasted. They went above and beyond the call of duty!

I was lucky that my divorce was amicable and the one thing I appreciated most was that Jim and his team also had the utmost respect for my now ex-husband. That speaks volumes about Jim’s amazing character. Jim truly is an outstanding lawyer and all around wonderful person.

Hoover Krepelka clearly has their client’s best interest at heart. Every staff member is a great asset to the company. They truly care, are honest, professional, and trustworthy. I highly recommend Hoover and Krepelka. In fact, I have referred several friends to them as well. Thank you Jim, Jill and the rest of the team. You were outstanding in every aspect and I am forever grateful!”

– Michelle

“I would like to let you know how grateful I am for all the help you’ve given me, sort of a healing experience after a rough, traumatic ride. Many thanks.”

– Ruth

“My team at Hoover Krepelka was exceptional, with James Hoover taking the lead. I first met James over three years ago for an initial consultation. This first meeting involved weighing my legal options for custody of my daughter who was only four-months-old at the time. It was a very painful and confusing season in my life, however, the meeting with James Hoover eliminated one of many worries. I knew I had found the right legal council to guide me through all the potential roads and barriers that could unfold as I separated and worked through private meditation to obtain more and more custody of my young daughter. As fate would have it, two years later I found myself going to court to seek 50% custody of a three-year-old. Though taxing physically, emotionally, and financially, my team at Hoover Krepelka assembled an incredible case and, ultimately, we succeeded in gaining 50% custody. The Hoover Krepelka team was thorough, efficient (with time and costs), and highly prepared and professional. I knew I had the best team. In the end, I am extremely grateful for the outcome – 50% custody of my daughter.”

– Michael K.

“I’ve used the legal services of Hoover Krepelka, LLP (HK) twice…once for a divorce in the mid-2000s and once, this year, to enforce the stipulation responsibilities of the divorcee. Both times, HK’s service was extremely professional, timely, caring, and fair; I was completely satisfied and pleased with each outcome.

If I need family law-related services in the future, I will seek HK’s guidance without question.”

– Dennis H.

“I hired Jim Hoover and Rebecca when after 3 years my Ex did not refinance the family home even though ordered to do so by the court. After several good faith attempts I reached out to them, from the time of our initial consultation until the time the refinance was complete was only a 3 month span and they were able to get my Ex to pay my legal fees. Jim Hoover is second to none. Do not hesitate to reach out to him!”

– Sarah L.

“Jim is an excellent Divorce attorney who understands how to apply the law to enable the best possible outcome. The deck was definitely stacked against me due to my marital circumstances and I could not have ever hoped for a better outcome!

I would absolutely (and have many times) recommended Jim to friends and family if the unfortunate need arises.”

– Mike T.

“I am so thankful to have come into contact with the professionals at Hoover Krepelka. Having a terrible experience in the past with a family law attorney, meeting and corresponding with these two men, has been a breath of fresh air. While you hope you never end up in a situation needing a family law professional, their expertise, professionalism, and kindness make this experience much more tolerable.

Both of the conversations I have had with Mr. Hoover and Mr. Krepelka have resulted in an alleviation of tension, gratitude, and a continued growth of trust. I am very thankful that a firm like theirs exists. Good legal advice/counsel, while expensive, is also priceless. (Expensive, speaking as a whole, not a reflection of the quoted rates of this firm.)

They are very honest in their advice, yet do not talk down to you. My questions, no matter how petty I thought they might be, were all taken seriously and answered in full, without contempt.

In what can be a money sucking industry, today (after my interaction with Mr. Krepelka) I am reminded that there is goodness in people and I am happy to recommend and support this firm.

– Leah B.

Getting a divorce is terribly difficult. I’m thankful that Bob Hoover was my attorney through my ordeal. He helped me get the best possible results that were fair to both parties. Beyond that, he and his staff always treated me with respect. He helped me make good decisions when I wasn’t at my best, and helped me quickly resolve some tricky issues that had dragged on for a very long time. Legal representation is always going to be expensive, but in the long run, I’m glad I decided to go with the best divorce attorney in the area. It was 100% worth it, and actually saved me a lot of money in the end.”

– Zae M.

“I selected Hoover-Krepelka for my 2014 divorce because I was thoroughly satisfied with the professional job Bob Hoover had done on my 1977 divorce, and for many friends I had referred to him since. Even so, I had hoped I would never need his services again. I soon found his partner Travis Krepelka to be similarly top-tier. They and their staff attorneys were thorough, meticulous, professional and ethical through every phase of the process. They responded promptly to communications from opposing counsel and from me. They reached their goal of creating a marital settlement agreement that was fair to both parties within the six months prescribed by law. You might find a cheaper law firm but you won’t find a better one. For me, the only better outcome would have been not getting divorced at all.”

– Rich

“I will simply say thank you for all your hard work, for believing in me, for taking on my mess of a case, seeing it through, and ultimately turning it completely around. The peace of mind that comes with having your representation is invaluable. Words can’t express my gratitude for righting all the wrong possible and giving me a sense of finality to numerous unresolved issues. I can now move forward without the heaviness of my case weighing on my heart and mind.”

– A.D.

“If you are seeking advice and want someone with years and years of experience this is the place. The last 10 years of my life I owe to these professionals. We all know attorneys are not cheap. Life changing situations are not something you want a discount on. They led me in the right direction when I was very confused. Now I can look back and just be thankful.”

– Matthew

“This lawyer and this firm have a great reputation in the community. They were referred to me since I often hear of people requiring a family lawyer or divorce lawyer. They have been highly responsive. I would recommend James Hoover to people who require a family lawyer. My understanding is that this firm has been active for a long time, and has multiple generations involved in this law practice.”

– Robert

“Travis was my divorce attorney. Did Travis minimize the monetary repercussions of my divorce and maximize my results? Yes he did. Did he provide me with the best information and strategy to help me make informed decisions regarding my divorce? Yes he did. If I did it all over again would I use anyone else? Absolutely not.

Travis knows his stuff, and when you’re going through such a difficult emotional and financial time (and let’s face it; money throws kerosene on the emotional fire) you need an expert with confidence and good values who can properly manage your expectations so you can make the best decisions.

If you’re reading this it’s most likely because you’re about to embark on a very difficult time in your life. Good luck, and rest assured if you call Travis next.”

– Candice

“Jim is very empathetic and listens well. He seems mindful of relationships with children and family. He took the time to understand the specific facts of my situation and adopted a holistic approach to my case. He sets expectations and is clear on what is achievable. He was able to articulate to me the cost benefit trade-off of potential different courses of action. This is a difficult time for all parties so it was valuable to me to have a trusted professional on my side that could bring acute common sense to the discussion. I would wholeheartedly recommend Jim.”

– Client

“Excellent response to my urgent request for preventing child abduction. Very competent and top of things at all times. He stepped up to the task and completed the task to satisfaction. Excellent service indeed.”

– Client

“James provided excellent service to me while renegotiating my child support agreements with my son’s mother. He was eager to help, informed me of my rights and answered any questions I had over e-mail and in the office. I would recommend James Hoover and his staff to anyone looking for help in their child custody/support or divorce case.”

– Bryan

“Mr. (James) Hoover is a highly competent attorney who repeatedly shows common sense, empathy and perseverance. This is the sort of attorney every client should have and every professional is pleased to work with.”

– A Forensic Evaluator

“Travis worked hard for me, made sure he understood my case, and came to meetings with a carefully planned strategy. I particularly appreciate his sensitivity to not wasting my time, which also translates into dollars. We had meetings and conversations when necessary and he moved through issues quickly and effectively. Travis displayed both professionalism and warmth, which is helpful, particularly during stressful times.”

– Confidential Client

“Mr. Hoover has represented me in two situations; my divorce, and now currently in an unrelated domestic abuse case. He is always extremely professional, competent (extremely well-versed in family law), ethical, friendly, timely (in meetings and communications), and thorough in informing me in the details of family law pertaining to the case at hand. He works well with opposing counsel as to minimize adversity, but always puts my needs first as his client. Jim also has highly qualified experts in fields as contacts that his client might need that pertain to his/her case. I feel I am in the best hands having him as my counsel, and would highly recommend him to anyone needing representation in family law matters. I have referred him to friends on three occasions. He is worth every dime!”

– Confidential Client

I used James for my divorce and he did a great job. He explained my options in great detail and keep me informed at all times. He worked hard to reduce my expenses during the process without leaving anything to chance. I would strongly recommend James.

– Don

“Travis Krepelka was a dogged advocate for me. He researched uncommon wrinkles to the case and came back with insightful and useful answers. He is sharp, hardworking and quick thinking. He was responsive to both phone calls and emails. He was always very candid with me about the prospects of any course we were considering, and I felt well informed.”

– Confidential Client

“I value Mr. Hoover’s integrity and feel confident when referring my clients to Mr. Hoover as I know they will be taken care of. Mr. Hoover is ethical, well-versed in family law, friendly, cares for his clients concerns and always puts his clients interest/needs first.

I refer my clients to Mr. Hoover for divorce, prenuptials, child custody/family law needs. He is wonderful to work with and someone I trust.”

– A Family Client

“After committing to the idea of divorce and letting my wife know, things happened pretty fast. She got a restraining order on me in order to start with an advantage and I found myself desperately in need of legal counsel, since settling things in a peaceful manner had not worked for us.

I contacted several law firms in the south bay area and didn’t get the immediate response I needed. My wife in the meantime had hired a very aggressive lawyer who was trying to get me to sign anything as quick as possible, threatening with court and a long case if I didn’t do it.

Luckily for me a friend of mine works patents in a large firm and directed me to Jim, who addressed my concerns immediately and was able to work with me starting the next morning.

Long story short: my ex-wife dropped her lawyer since she saw that if we went down that route we’d spend all our money in lawyers and with Jim’s help we drafted an agreement within a week that we both were happy with, signed and notarized it and got it filed shortly after.

I have been telling about my fortune in the misfortune to many friends and nobody had ever heard of such fast, clean and efficient work.

One thing that was very important for my case is for my lawyer to not be hostile to my ex-wife since we wanted to part on good terms, and Jim did this to the perfection. When I walked into his office I told him it was nothing personal but I wasn’t very fond of lawyers, but I must say I’ve slightly changed my opinion after this experience. The reassuring and confident manner, and the respect with which Jim treated my wife was key to the success of this divorce IMO.

I couldn’t tell Jim I’d like to use him again anytime soon, since I hope I won’t divorce ever again, but if that unfortunate situation came to happen I’d definitively get Jim for myself again.”

– Dominique

“I was initially referred to Jim by a friend who had recently finalized his divorce settlement and had been very satisfied with Jim’s work.

My own divorce had been going on for approximately 18 months with no end in sight and I was looking for a new attorney to help me reach an equitable settlement. When we first met I explained my situation and my complete dissatisfaction with my prior attorney and the fee’s I had incurred. Jim listened attentively and asked appropriate questions related to the case and my interaction with my prior attorney. I retained him that day. The next day before 9:00 am I received an email from Jim detailing his initial due diligence assessment having reviewed the files I had provided and an outline of how he proposed we moved forward with my case. Since then I have consistently found Jim to be responsive to my queries, attentive to my concerns, and diligent in his dealings with my ex-wife’s attorney. Over the past nine months I have never had cause to question his billing hours and have found the fees incurred to be reasonable based on the work he has performed.

With Jim’s help and guidance my case was settled last week with a long term spousal support agreement that fully met my primary objectives. Based on this experience I would not hesitate to recommend Jim to anyone dealing with the stress of family law in California.”

– Chris

“Jim was a great attorney in my case. Can’t thank him enough for all the help in my case. He’s very personable and works within the comfort of your case. Can’t recommend him more!!”

– Ron

“I just left Travis Krepelka’s office after a divorce consult. After my last meeting with a divorce attorney, he was such a breath of fresh air.

He basically told me I could handle my case without lawyers involved, didn’t try to scam me and was very informative.

Thank you for your time and knowledge. I will be referring my friends and family to you :)”

– Consult

“Jim Hoover helped me through my very tough time and a difficult family situation. Because of my complicated circumstance, Jim had to work together with a trust attorney as well work with Santa Cruz County court. He handled all the obstacles that came our way with grace and focus. The result was a very positive resolution that I don’t believe I could have accomplished without his help. I felt very confident with his advice and appreciated his care and responsiveness. Jim went out of his way to keep me informed while considering my financial situation. He kept us focused to get resolution in the fastest time possible. Jim Hoover is highly knowledgeable lawyer with great ability to defuse tense situations and find solutions and a positive outcome. I highly recommend Jim to anyone needing legal advice and representation.”

– Noemi

“I would highly recommend Jim Hoover. He made us feel comfortable during a very difficult time. We were impressed by his knowledge of law and procedure, his compassion and understanding of what we were going through and the way he conducted himself in court. As our journey continues, we know we are in good hands.”

– Confidential Client

“When we first met Jim, we were impressed with his professionalism and genuine care for our situation. He listened and then assured us not to worry – that he would bear the weight of the case.

Jim consistently communicated with us and kept us up-to-date with the on-goings of our case and never once hampered us regarding the balance on our account.

Jim’s work ethic, knowledge of the law and of the Santa Clara legal system, thorough research prowess and strong court presence make him a tough adversary. One could say he is the David of David and Goliath.

Our lives would have been drastically different if we hadn’t met Jim or if we didn’t have the same verdict that we are so grateful for. Our family is whole and we haven’t had to worry about being ever being apart from each other.

Our case was definitely one-of-a-kind and very complex. Jim made sure that we would be treated fairly and receive a fair justice. The whole office worked for us and with the same professionalism.

Jim is like family to us and we wouldn’t want it any other way. We believe anybody who hires Jim for their child custody/child support matters would be more than pleased with the outcome.

We will always be grateful and thankful for everything he has done.”

– Maria

“Legal issues can be very frustrating and/or terrifying, and I was caught in a whirlwind of the two when I started my child custody case. Jim was/is AMAZING. He is professional, trustworthy, knowledgeable, hardworking and makes sure that you know he cares about YOU and YOUR CASE. He definitely does NOT fall under the lawyer stereotype! He is friendly and attentive and does everything he can to get the job done professionally and in a timely manner. He kept in touch with me to make sure I was always updated and informed and was ALWAYS available to answer questions whether it be via email or in person. I am extremely pleased with the results of my case and I honestly feel that anyone other than Jim would/could not have got these results. In a nutshell: I feel comfortable putting my life into Jim’s hands. He has not let me down, nor will he ever. He is the best out there!”

– Clara

“Jim assisted me with a pre-nup and I was impressed with his knowledge and experience. He was responsive and professional and I would not hesitate to work with him or recommend him to friends and family.”

– Claudio

“When I found myself in need of a family law attorney, I sought referrals from many friends, several of whom worked in law firms themselves. I received recommendations to several family law attorneys; however four referrals, three from other attorneys, were to Jim Hoover, at Hoover & Bechtel. After interviewing three of the recommended attorneys, I chose Jim Hoover to be the best fit for my counsel. I found him to be receptive and interested in my unique situation, as well as extremely knowledgeable in family law. I wasn’t looking for a warm and fuzzy person, but a strong lawyer who could take command of my case and handle the anticipated bumps and hurdles. He has done this just as I had asked him to, but has also served as a patient and compassionate listener. He is very responsive both via phone contact and via email. He is prompt in getting out our motions and letters and in answering any questions I have. He has proven to have many resources available to him and various contacts outside the family law area with whom he can consult to help with my case. He has even made calls to colleagues while I am in the office, so we can get our questions answered without delay. He was upfront and frank about his fees, and has always been cognizant of his time and our expenses, sometimes suggesting alternate ways to do things to save cost. I very much appreciate this approach. While dealing with family law issues can be frustrating and emotional, I have been extremely pleased with my selection of Jim to be my attorney. I recommend him highly to anyone in need of a family law attorney who wants to get the job done, or just someone to consult with about such matters.”

– Barbara

“Travis worked hard for me, made sure he understood my case, and came to meetings with a carefully planned strategy. I particularly appreciate his sensitivity to not wasting my time, which also translates into dollars. We had meetings and conversations when necessary and he moved through issues quickly and effectively.

Travis displayed both professionalism and warmth, which is helpful, particularly during stressful times.”

– Confidential Client

“Mr. Hoover and his team have provided expert guidance during my divorce, a stressful and emotional time, as I am sure most divorces are. He and his team have been knowledgeable, thorough and effective.

Jim has demonstrated integrity, and strong business and personal ethics as he works to resolve my case. His attitude is reflected in his staff. They are a strong, professional team.

Well known as being a fair and professional opponent, Jim is also well known as a powerful and effective advocate for his client.

Jim Hoover’s in-depth knowledge of the respected experts often necessary in divorce proceedings, including judges for private mediation, accountants and vocational experts has had a huge positive impact on my case.

On a more personal note, in concert with all of the above, Jim Hoover has been genuine and sensitive, acknowledging my emotions. Often, Jim takes the time to lend an ear or allow me take a breath before returning to the task at hand. Jim’s acknowledgement of me as a person going through a personal struggle (as well as a client) has been an unexpected benefit for me in this difficult time.

I was referred to Jim Hoover by another attorney of similar reputation and have repeatedly referred friends to Jim and his team.

When I am asking anyone for a referral for any kind, I ask, “Who would you recommend to your mom, sister or best friend?” For me, Jim is the attorney I would recommend.”

– Eleanor

“I was distressed to see such a negative review for Mr. Hoover. My experience was so very positive. On the occasion of the most painful and difficult crisis of my life I am so very, very grateful to have found James Hoover and his fine staff.

I was referred to Mr. Hoover by a well-respected and seasoned Palo Alto attorney who wanted to put me in ‘good and competent’ hands. My first conference with Mr. Hoover was free and he described to me succinctly, but in detail, what I could expect in terms of the law and legal fees.

Initially I contacted Mr. Hoover and his associate frequently to ‘cry on a shoulder’, and was advised with great courtesy, in the interest of keeping my legal fees as minimal as possible, to consider limiting contact to specific legal issues that required my input or decisions as they arose. Good advice indeed.

I had been threatened with torture and death. Mr. Hoover obtained a restraining order on my behalf so quickly. In court, opposing counsel called me names, cast aspersions on my character and shouted down the judge. It was horrible. Mr. Hoover asked me how I wanted him to behave in response. I asked that he not resort to such dreadful behavior and that we conduct ourselves as Gentleman and Lady. All through an entire court appearance Mr. Hoover stood up between me and opposing council as we sat facing the judge from our separate tables, forming a barrier between the finger pointing, gesturing, shouting and name calling attorney and me. Mr. Hoover was calm and rational in response to the tirades of opposing counsel; totally unflappable. His presentations to the Judge in rebuttal and on my behalf were calm and to the point with no disrespect directed to opposing counsel’s client. At a time when I felt so threatened, so vulnerable, Mr. Hoover made me feel safe and protected. He held up my dignity during a humiliating time. I will never, ever forget that day and that gesture.

Over the course of my case Mr. Hoover brought several specialized consultants onto our team. Each brought so much value to the process and their efforts resulted in real emotional and financial benefit to me. They were not cheap, but without their expert research and testimony I would have been left with nothing from my 20 year marriage.

Things didn’t always go my way, but Mr. Hoover never painted me the picture of the outcome I most desired. He told me the facts about the law, the Judge and the process. In the end what Mr. Hoover accomplished on my behalf exceeded my expectations. In all things he was honest, fair dealing and a gentleman. I came away from this most horrible of situations with financial and emotional assets I never expected.

If you want to know what kind of an attorney James Hoover is, ask me. I’d love to tell you all about it.”

– Glee

“James was highly recommended to me by a close friend that had employed James for a representation in a family matter. I have worked very closely with James and my experience has been nothing shy of exemplary. I found him to be very caring to my situation and I felt a genuine feeling that he has my best interest at heart. James understood well the California family code and is very knowledgeable.

I have recommended James to some of my friends in the past and I will always recommend him to anyone who seek my opinion in recommending a family lawyer. James always presented himself in a tremendously professional manner and handled himself greatly on all aspects of my case.

I am very happy with the decision to hire him as my lawyer. I consider James a friend, he is honest, trustworthy and has a great character. I would certainly recommend him to anyone who is seeking to hire a family lawyer.”

– Confidential Client

“I have and I will continue to recommend Jim Hoover. He counseled me through and won my guardianship case. Besides his experience and knowledge, what stands out most to me about Jim is that he’s so genuine. He’s real and I feel he really cares about people. He was our guardian, our guardian angel. His professionalism was first class. At no time did I ever question my choice in legal support…

What I received from Jim Hoover was excellence. I had a guardianship case. He not only was knowledgeable and experienced but he took what I would consider extra time and educated me on a couple things. I was never kept waiting or stood up (you hear of this happening all the time) without the extra charge. It pleases me to know such a lawyer and love referring him to friends.”

– Jill Marie

“Travis was great at getting back to me as soon as available, which was never very long. I had a very complicated case and always knew exactly what was happening and what was being filed. My previous lawyer never gave me any paperwork and let many things fall through the cracks. Travis is a solid concrete floor, nothing falls through the cracks. In court and through filings it is clear that Travis listened to me and my wishes and presented them in the best way possible. He was honest when I asked if certain filings were worth the time or not and I felt like I could trust his recommendations completely.”

– Confidential Client

“I would like to thank all at Hoover Krepelka and a big, special thanks to Travis. I will never forget that day when you showed up at the court. Your presence gave more confidence, then I said to myself, ‘yes, we can do this! Rebecca thank you for your hard work. I wasn’t that patient, but you handled me so well. Great job guys.”

– “A.” / Client

“I worked with Jim on my very complex and contentious divorce. He and Marie were marvelous to work with throughout a very long, and harsh process. We won every custody precedent and prevailed despite constant drama and difficult behavior from my ex-spouse. Our family is finally celebrating a year of no drama and peaceful life, post-divorce and custody case. I’d highly recommend Hoover and Bechtel for their insight, perseverance and ability to win every case! I’m grateful and impressed….and it was grueling as most contentious divorces can be…but we made it! I could not have done so without their excellent advice and support throughout the entire journey.”

– Confidential Client

“I cannot say enough wonderful things about Jim Hoover, during trying times he is not only compassionate but competent.”

– Confidential Client

“I have known Jim for several years and have greatly benefited from his advice and counsel. Aside from his role in litigation of providing professional legal advice, I have seen Jim, time and time again, put his heart and soul into issues that were important to me. He has helped me on numerous occasions. I trust his judgment and tenacity.

Not only would I not hesitate to refer people to Jim, I have actively done so and will continue to do so.”

– Steve

“Unfortunately in today’s world divorce and child custody issues are with us.

We were unfortunate to have a Grandson whose Mother decided withholding visitation was ok. My Son and I went in for an initial consultation with Jim. He was very upfront about his fees and explained the issues and road blocks we would encounter in resolving the issues.

The procedure went the way Jim said it would and I would recommend him to anyone that is going through a divorce or having child custody/support issues.

I was also surprised when using his name with other attorneys how well they regarded him after dealing with him from the opposing side.”

– Randy

“I found every single person at the firm to be so kind. When I met with James Hoover he was professional and very thoughtful. When it came to my case, he was thorough and beyond prepared. James advised me, looked out for me, and was the consummate professional. I would recommend Mr. Hoover to anyone in need of a lawyer that is kind, caring and above all fully prepared to take on any situation.”

– Danielle

“Jim helped my relative with a messy divorce when another attorney had messed it up. I have met his partner too, who is equally impressive. I have referred him to others as well. I’m a retired Detective Sergeant with a local Police agency, so I’m not particularly fond of your typical attorney. Hoover-Krepelka is different. They are down to earth guys that truly want to do the right thing for their clients.”

– Steve

“Travis is an amazing attorney. I know I would not be where I’m at custody or financially if it were not for Travis and the good folks at Hoover Bechtel. Travis always kept me very informed about what to expect, showed me ways to do some work that saved me money, was very sensitive and understanding to my situation and concerns, is extremely responsive and was always available for me, really knows and understands complex family law, and gets results. Travis is one of the smartest and most articulate people I know. A father himself, he is very compassionate. I highly recommend Travis, and would not hesitate to refer him to my closest friends and family.”

– Confidential Client

“If there is a better rating than 5 stars, I would rate Jim 6 stars. Absolutely dependable.

Gave me his mobile no for weekend emergency call. It was so important to me when I was harassed and intimidated.

I called him one Saturday morning on an emergency situation, he picked the call and gave me guidance.

High Integrity and fair – very honest and very reasonable in his billings. He has deliberately not to bill his time in a few occasions.

Good judgement of people and character – effective in adapting his strategy to deal with ex-husband.

Has credibility and respect from Judges – much more than the opposing legal counsel. This is so important to convince the judge.

Eloquent and convincing in court.

Willing to study and plan before each meeting in his office and in court.
Gives a very secure feeling on outcome.

The thoughts that he fully understand all the issues and my goals and the other party (husband) and have an appropriate strategy to deal with it is so VALUABLE to me and gives me confidence and security .

He is well prepared for every meeting and effective. He would always start by going through the divorce status and goal in detail to refresh our memory. So impressive.

He has Empathy on my anxiety and always deals with my concern and request and always figure out a solution .He has courage for his convictions.”

He frequently strategized to end the divorce case sooner to avoid dragging it out.

Rebecca, Jim’s associate, is very empathetic and responsive. Very dependable.”

– L.

“I interviewed and worked with several other law firms before hiring them and comparatively, they are the best. Jim Hoover is incredibly articulate and a brilliant attorney who came highly recommended to me by a former client he had also represented.

Jim anticipated and explained possible outcomes and kept me involved and informed throughout my case. The reliability and responsiveness factors were way beyond my expectations. This helped diffuse anxieties involved with the process because I knew my case was under control.

Jim’s demeanor, preparedness and effectiveness in the courtroom lent further credibility to my case and I attribute that to an achieved objective in regards to the outcome of my matter.

The excellent customer service and professionalism consistently demonstrated by the entire staff was most appreciated as well.

Jim is one of the few Certified Family Law attorneys in Santa Clara County and I, along with many others (including his peers) recommend him with great confidence and enthusiasm.”

– Confidential Client

“Have a really good friend who hired Travis…

It’s rare that you hear that someone left happy in a divorce, but she is and VERY happy that she was referred to Travis who is a partner at the firm.

I hope you do not ever need a fantastic divorce attorney…but if you do, interview with Travis ASAP.”

– Michael

“I retained Hoover Krepelka for post-judgment issues. The law firm, in my experience, is like a well-run orchestra. The first violin, Jim Hoover in my case, is a virtuoso negotiator and strategist as well as a compassionate listener. The tireless pianist, Julia McDowell in my case, excels in her staccato writing style – short, springy, lightweight sentences – that transforms any facts, no matter how snarly or difficult to stomach, into an easily digestible story. The clarinet, Lillian Reifkind, a legal assistant, makes sure everything that needs to be served, or filed, or scheduled is indeed served/filed/scheduled on time, and updates from Lillian literally could not possibly be written any crisper. The conductor – the office manager, Michelle Casillas – clearly knows what she is doing, and other supporting instruments all join together in executing a nearly flawless performance. Small mistakes (we are all human) are owned up to elegantly and corrected at no charge to the client. Even another first violin – Travis Krepelka – got involved in my case helping with a tip.

I would like to make two special recommendations for Julia, who is the most senior attorney among associates in the firm.”

– Natasha D.

“I would strongly suggest hiring Jill to work on your behalf based upon my experience in working with her on a lengthy divorce case. Throughout my time working with Jill, she proved to be very responsive, caring, knowledgeable, and decisive. And, she provided support and counsel in a manner that understood my needs and my situation. Her proficiency and values clearly rose above those other attorneys that I encountered outside of the Hoover Krepelka firm. Jill was also quite fair and thoughtful in helping manage the costs associated with her expertise, too, I attribute the success of my case and my overall experience to the fact that I chose to work with Jill. I would advise others to do the same as she is somebody that you can rely upon, trust, and count on to deliver. I am so grateful for her and all that she has done on my behalf.”

– Scott.


The staff at Hoover Krepelka is very professional, understanding and helpful. When I needed copies of documents, invoices, etc., their responses were prompt. Courtenay Craig was particularly helpful on several occasions.

I am incredibly grateful for Jim, Julia and their team, and I give Hoover Krepelka my highest recommendation.

“Julia (Bressman) was wonderful to talk to. She is very compassionate and is extremely caring. She listened thoroughly and explained the process in a very detailed manner. She explained options and didn’t pressure me at all to hand over money. I haven’t decided whether or not to move forward with a case but if I do, Julia is the one I will surely work with.”

– Confidential Client

“Julia (Bressman) is an amazing, strong and intelligent attorney and she is extremely easy to work with. I am very happy with your firm and I feel very fortunate to have been referred to you. My kids and I are finally being heard and I am eternally grateful that your firm is making sure that happens.”

– Confidential Client

“Since November I’ve been working with Julia Bressman and Jim Hoover on my divorce, custody issues and a restraining order. My day to day contact was with Julia Bressman and she is an absolute rockstar. I read another review and it said “Julia fought fearlessly for what was right…” and I couldn’t agree more. My budget was limited an Julia continued to council me on how we could most effectively use my funds to achieve my objectives. And in the end, she got the job done.

I can’t say enough about Jim Hoover. It meant a lot to me that every time I walked in the door, he could recite every detail of my case. He knew my story and I feel like he cared about my family. His experience was invaluable, and he was very accurate in counseling me on what to do and what the likely outcome would be. THAT is the kind of expertise I’m willing to pay for. The staff at Hoover Krepelka is very professional, understanding and helpful. When I needed copies of documents, invoices, etc., their responses were prompt. Courtenay Craig was particularly helpful on several occasions. I am incredibly grateful for Jim, Julia and their team, and I give Hoover Krepelka my highest recommendation.”

– Confidential Client

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