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Complex Asset Division: Silicon Valley's Leading Team for Divorce, Hidden Asset Discovery, and Valuation

complex asset division attorneys silicon valley


In California divorce proceedings, some of the bitterest battles are fought over marital property or complex asset division. The law states that community property—what was earned, what was bought, and accumulated, including debt that was acquired during the marriage—is to be split equally between spouses when they part ways. But dividing the marital estate is rarely that simple, especially when significant wealth, businesses, real estate holdings, and other complex assets are involved. The attorneys at Hoover ♦ Krepelka, LLP, know that a complete, accurate inventory of all financial property and income is essential for reaching a fair judgment on property division, complex asset division, spousal support, and child support. We also know that obtaining one may not be simple.

 Sometimes financial disclosures are incomplete or muddied through simple neglect of recordkeeping. Sometimes high emotions prompt obstruction instead of transparency and cooperation in financial disclosures. But in other cases, a spouse may actively try to deceive their ex, and the court, by hiding assets from discovery. Whether the financial picture is initially incomplete due to negligence or malicious intent, the skilled attorneys at Hoover ♦ Krepelka, LLP, are prepared to uncover the truth and vigorously advocate on your behalf to secure your fair share of marital assets.

Fear Your Ex Spouse Is Hiding Assets?

Expert Family Law Representation in Silicon Valley

For more than six decades, Hoover ♦ Krepelka, LLP, has effectively represented high-net-worth clients in complex divorce cases where millions of dollars in assets are at stake. As the largest Silicon Valley law firm specializing exclusively in family law, we’ve honed our expertise over the years to provide an unparalleled understanding of the unique issues involved in complex property division, including hidden asset discovery and valuation. When confusion or dishonesty clouds the financial picture, we know the steps to take to provide clarity.

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Trusted Relationships with Expert Forensic Accountants

When you suspect that your spouse’s financial disclosure is incomplete or inaccurate, you’re not helpless. The experienced attorneys at Hoover Krepelka have forged partnerships with skilled forensic accountants who can piece together the financial story of a marriage, uncover hidden assets, and provide compelling testimony in court to support our client’s interests. Together, we uncover the clues that point to assets that have been overlooked, hidden, or improperly valued, and unearth the evidence needed to advocate for your fair share of marital assets.

Our legal team works with seasoned professionals to shine a light on the most complicated financial questions, including:


  • Forensic Accounting & Asset Tracing: Competing claims over whether an asset is separate or community property can be difficult to resolve. Our attorneys will work with a forensic accountant to trace the history of an asset, determine its role in the marriage, and build a case for accurately characterizing its status.

  • Forensic Accounting & Hidden Assets: An unscrupulous spouse may try to hide assets through shell companies, offshore accounts, concealed bank accounts, and other means to reduce the apparent value of marital assets and retain an unequal share of community property. With the aid of expert forensic accountants, our legal team reveals the full picture to ensure an equitable settlement.

  • Forensic Accounting & Asset Valuation: Businesses, properties, and high-value assets like artwork, jewelry, and luxury vehicles may make up a substantial portion of a marital estate. We bring in knowledgeable professionals with the qualifications to assign accurate values to such assets, and to detect attempts to fraudulently devalue them, to produce a comprehensive evaluation of marital property.

    Experienced Counsel for Complex Asset Division: We're here to Protect Your Assets

    complex asset division attorneys silicon valley

    Nobody wants to discover that they’ve been misled over the size and scope of marital assets they’re entitled to after their divorce is final. Hoover ♦ Krepelka, LLP, will assemble the team of experts you need to discover critical financial information and provide the vigorous legal representation necessary to produce the best possible outcome. To schedule your consultation with an expert family law attorney in the San Jose/Silicon Valley Area, call 408-947-7600, or fill out the form below.

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