Strong Legal Advocacy For Child Support Issues

Parents want what is best for their children. That concept continues during the divorce process. However, child support disputes can be complicated. California has developed child support guidelines to determine what is fair and appropriate, based upon a range of factors. There are exceptions to the general rules, and some parents may agree to deviate from the guidelines in certain circumstances.

In higher-income households, financial concerns frequently become hotly contested between divorcing spouses. In other settings, financial problems can increase the stress of divorce. At Hoover ♦ Krepelka, LLP, in San Jose, our lawyers are determined to obtain results in child support disputes that are fair to the children, as well as to our clients.

No Challenge is Too Complex for Our Accomplished Lawyers

We take a practical approach to addressing support while safeguarding the parent-child relationship in creating a parenting plan and resolving child custody and visitation matters.

Obtaining the correct information is an important aspect in calculating child support. The guidelines are essentially based on a mathematical formula. However, financial considerations and potential special needs of a child can quickly complicate matters.

Our attorneys carefully review every detail to help ensure that the information is not lacking or corrupt. Through tactful negotiations and aggressive advocacy, we do what it takes to obtain the most favorable results possible. Our expansive knowledge of family law is invaluable when a parent needs to seek a valid deviation from the guidelines based upon the individual circumstances.

Modifying Child Support Orders May Be Necessary

When circumstances substantially change, making a current child support order unfair or impossible to meet, we know how to seek a child support modification to protect the financial interests of our clients and their children.

Arrange Your No-Pressure, Confidential Consultation

We provide personalized attention to each client. Even before we start to represent you, we offer you the meaningful opportunity to learn how our skills and experience can benefit you. We invite you to arrange a no-pressure, confidential consultation to discuss your family law problem. To request your meeting, send us an email now or call 408-947-7600.

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