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Resolving Child Custody And Visitation Disputes

For most divorcing parents, their relationship with their children is at the top of their mind. It is often difficult for parents to come to terms with the idea that their children will not be living with them each and every day. California law recognizes how important it is for children to have meaningful access to both parents after divorce, unless there are extenuating circumstances. However, it is seldom easy to arrange an appropriate child custody and visitation arrangement when parents have lost trust in each other.

At Hoover ♦ Krepelka, LLP, in San Jose, our lawyers take the parent-child relationship as seriously as you do. You deserve honest guidance concerning your custody and visitation rights after divorce. We will meticulously analyze all aspects of your family dynamics to provide you with honest guidance of how the law applies to your unique circumstances. But, family law issues are more than legal analysis. Personal and family dynamics are important considerations that must be investigated.

We work hard to understand the individual desires and goals of our clients so that we can devise a personalized strategy to obtain the best possible results. We frequently work with child custody evaluators to provide substance to the fact-based analysis.

Unmarried Parents ♦ Child Custody Modifications

Child custody disputes are not confined to the divorce process. Unmarried parents may face troubling disputes over custody, visitation and child support matters. As time moves on, existing child custody and visitation orders may become unworkable due to changes in circumstances. We are proficient at obtaining results in post-judgment modifications of family court orders.

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We will work hard to protect your parental rights and to serve the best interests of your children. Call 408-947-7600 or send us a short email to request a no-pressure, consultation to learn your legal options.

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