Our law firm not only protects clients’ interests in establishing child support, visitation plans, child custody arrangements, and spousal support, we also help modify and enforce these arrangements.

The court recognizes that life does not remain static. People change jobs, lose jobs, remarry, and move out of state or out of the country. These and other life changes may require a court order to be modified to more accurately reflect your financial situation or living arrangements.

California law requires proof of a substantial change in circumstances in order to modify most court orders. An exception is a temporary custody order, which does not require such proof. Court-ordered child custody, visitation, child support and spousal support arrangements are commonly modified to reflect changing circumstances.

Please contact our law firm for advice about your modification issue. We can help even if the original order was finalized long ago and through a different law firm.


If you have not been receiving court ordered child support or spousal support or your child’s other parent is not fulfilling his or her obligations regarding a child custody order, please contact our law firm to discuss legal tactics for the enforcement of court orders. These can include garnishment of wages, suspension of driver’s license, interception of tax refunds, and others. We also protect the rights of non-custodial parents who are being sued for child support or spousal support.

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