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Winning Your Off-Field Battles: Pro Athlete Divorce Lawyers in Silicon Valley

pro athlete divorce lawyers silicon valley

For professional athletes, the rewards of a successful career are often paired with personal struggles. The physical and mental stress of high-level competition, frequent absences from home due to travel and training, and the unrelenting glare of fame take a heavy toll on many pro athletes’ marriages. It’s estimated that 60 to 80 percent of them end in divorce. Our pro athlete divorce lawyers at Hoover Krepelka, LLP, understand the unique issues that can complicate a high profile divorce, resulting in long-term financial and reputational harm if they are not successfully addressed. Our skilled Silicon Valley family law attorneys are experienced in navigating the divorce process for professional athletes and their families to preserve your privacy, protect your rights, and produce equitable financial settlements.

The lawyers of Hoover Krepelka are the team you can trust to have your back when you’re facing one of the toughest challenges you’ll ever experience off the field. We’re dedicated to providing unparalleled support as you navigate this stressful journey, advocating for legal solutions that keep your long-term best interests front and center. When divorce is threatening to disrupt your career and derail your future, you can count on Silicon Valley’s best divorce attorneys to carry the ball.


In the Game of Divorce, You Need a Winning Team

Our Expert Family Law Practice in Silicon Valley

As the largest family law firm in Silicon Valley, Hoover Krepelka, LLP, practices family law exclusively—and our expertise shows. For over 60 years, we’ve represented high-net-worth individuals, including professional athletes, with the staff and resources necessary to handle large, complex divorce cases involving millions of dollars in assets. Our track record of success in navigating the legal system on behalf of our pro athlete clients has earned us the truest accolade of all: continued referrals from pro athletes and their ex-spouses who have experienced what we can do. With over 200 years of collective legal experience, our attorneys look at the big picture to find effective legal solutions for your situation.

Beyond the Courtroom: Protecting Your Confidentiality

At Hoover Krepelka, LLP, we know that divorce can destroy a professional athlete’s reputation when sensitive information is exposed in the media or messy and contentious disputes spill over into social media. We maintain the utmost confidentiality for our high-profile clients to prevent the emotional and financial fallout that can result from such exposure. In addition, we pursue legal strategies that will keep settlement details and other sensitive information out of the public eye to preserve your family’s privacy and dignity at a difficult time, using every legal tool at our disposal to protect your valuable public image.

How our Pro Athlete Divorce Lawyers Navigate The Unique Issues Of Professional Athletes

pro athlete divorce lawyers silicon valley

Laws that are written to guide regular divorce don’t account for the unique circumstances of a professional athletic career: extraordinarily high income early in life, but for a relatively short time, with financial opportunity often tied to maintaining a positive public reputation. At Hoover Krepelka, LLP, we’ve dedicated our family law practice to finding comprehensive legal solutions for those in unusual circumstances since 1960, including professional athletes and their families. We handle every pro athlete’s divorce with discretion and individualized attention, assigning a minimum of two attorneys, a paralegal, and a legal assistant to each case to ensure our client and our attorneys have the support they need.


Our experienced pro athlete divorce lawyers can help with family law issues including:


  • Pro Athlete Divorce & Property Division: Pro athletes at the peak of their career have varied income streams from team contracts, endorsements, licensing deals, and more, with complex terms that can make it difficult to distinguish marital property from separate property. Our expert legal team is adept at unraveling complex finances to produce fair and just outcomes.

  • Pro Athlete Divorce & Spousal Support: Determining the amount of alimony to be paid, and how long it should be paid, can be a difficult issue when a professional athlete divorces. Our expert attorneys are skilled at negotiating with sensitivity to reach solutions that promote financial stability for both parties.

  • Pro Athlete Divorce & Child Custody/Support: When pro athletes are actively competing, high income and low availability for shared physical custody can produce support awards that are unsustainable if legal formulas are blindly applied. Our seasoned team works to ensure that your child’s financial needs can be met appropriately for the long term and to maintain parental relationships with visitation plans that accommodate an athlete’s professional obligations.

  • Pro Athlete Divorce & Mediation: Mediation can be one of your best tools for keeping sensitive personal information out of the media and giving couples greater control over the details of their divorce settlement. At Hoover Krepelka, LLP, our experienced mediators work to facilitate private resolutions designed to safeguard the well-being and privacy of all parties.

Expert Counsel for High-Profile Cases

When you’re a professional athlete going through divorce, you need a deep legal bench to fight for the optimal outcome. As the largest family law firm in Silicon Valley, Hoover Krepelka, LLP, is here to safeguard your interests. To schedule your consultation with an expert family law attorney in the Bay Area, call 408-947-7600 or fill out the form below.

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