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Many divorcing couples have difficulty dividing community property and debt in divorce. When any marriage breaks down, individuals in any income bracket often have concerns about their post-divorce financial stability. Dividing what was essentially one household budget into two can create tensions between the parties. Moreover, when assets are plentiful and income levels are higher, property division can be complex and highly contentious.

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Based in San Jose, Hoover ♦ Krepelka, LLP, is dedicated to providing individualized representation that is not only well-grounded in the law but also focused on serving the needs, desires and goals of our clients. Resolving complex family law disputes does not occur in a legal vacuum; it requires consideration of personal and family dynamics, potential business concerns and your individual goals. We meticulously analyze all aspects of the law and facts and guide our clients through complex problems to favorable solutions.

Our team provides personalized guidance and accomplished advocacy in addressing assets, property, business interests and financial concerns during divorce, including:

  • Complex community property disputes: Our law firm has the staff and resources to handle large and complex divorce cases with hundreds of millions of dollars in assets. We know how to bring about a fair property division in complex cases involving stock options, international real estate holdings and non-traditional holdings.
  • Addressing support matters: Financial considerations frequently go above and beyond property and debt division. Child support matters can be contentious and are tied to custody, visitation and other issues. Spousal support is handled separately and under different standards. Our lawyers will explain your legal options and aggressively fight to protect your stability.

Hoover ♦ Krepelka, LLP, has served Northern California since 1960. We have grown to be the largest law firm in the area that practices family law exclusively. That did not happen by chance: Our reputation for integrity and excellence and our commitment to our clients are the hallmarks of our success. What that means for you is that you are gaining access to a professional legal team with the experience and knowledge to champion your rights.

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