Spousal support: A helpful payment

by | Dec 12, 2019 | Spousal Support

Spousal support can be a topic that few spouses actually want to discuss. Why? It can become heated. After all, one person may feel slighted and want compensation as they try to move on, while another may feel that it’s unfair to continue paying for the other party’s expenses.

If you are entitled to spousal support, it can be very helpful. Take, for instance, a situation in which you worked hard for many years to support your spouse as they went through school. Now, they have a great job, but you won’t see any of the benefits. Spousal support could be a method to help you recover some of your own financial losses in that situation.

Spousal support can also be used if one spouse cannot support themselves due to being out of work, needing time for schooling or finding a job. In a home with a single income provider, that person may have to continue covering their spouse’s expenses long after a divorce is finalized.

Is spousal support fair?

Spousal support is generally fair. The amount of money one party needs, the length of the marriage and other considerations play a role in determining what kind of support, if any, is fair for the situation.

If you have decided to seek spousal support, it’s a smart choice to speak with your attorney about the documentation and supporting evidence you’ll need for your request. With proof of your need, you may be able to get the support you want through monthly payments or a one-off lump sum settlement.