What can you do if your ex wants to change your custody schedule?

by | May 13, 2019 | Child Custody And Visitation

There is nothing quite as aggravating as an ex-spouse who feels entitled to more time with your children than they deserve. You already have a fair custody plan in place, but they keep saying that they plan to go back to court to get more time. This is a drain on your finances and a constant stress in your life.

Child custody is often a contentious issue, because both parents want to make sure they have time with their children and that they’re a part of their lives. Most parents wish that they’d be able to see their children every day, which tends to be impossible following a divorce.

How can you handle an ex-spouse who always threatens child custody changes?

It’s unlikely that your ex-spouse can petition for changes to custody very often. Most courts won’t allow those requests repeatedly because they want to prevent constant disruptions to a child’s life. However, a court might hear the case if enough time has passed since the custody arrangements were made or if there’s a major life change to consider, such as your ex-spouse getting a new job or moving to a better neighborhood.

If your ex-spouse constantly threatens to seek more and more custody for no reason other than to harass you or to cause you distress, you need to keep copies of everything they send to you and try to get witnesses to what they say to you as well. Showing that the other parent is trying to cause conflict can be a good way to help protect your custodial rights.

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