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Hoover ♦ Krepelka, LLP, the largest family law firm in Northern California, has been providing exceptional legal representation to individuals in the Silicon Valley region for more than 60 years. With over 230+ years of collective legal practice and extensive courtroom and settlement experience, our firm has a reputation for fiercely protecting clients’ rights and efficiently resolving complex family law issues. Our Certified Family Law Specialists, attorneys, and support team are dedicated to delivering comprehensive, holistic solutions to clients while continuing to champion active community engagement and trusted advisor partnerships.

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I have worked with Jim Hoover during an intense custody battle and his guidance was second to none. Jim has a great way about him and the way he serves his clients. He understands the law but he also understands how to get deals done. Obviously divorce and custody issues are highly emotional but Jim and the rest of the Team at Hoover Krepelka do a great job of supporting you doing these challenging times. Highly recommend.
– Client via Google

Jaymi represented me in my divorce battle and exceeded my expectation in every single aspect of the whole process. Jaymi properly educated me and decoded the family law for me so I can understand my rights and obligations. For each step, Jaymi also patiently analyzed the pros and cons with me so I can work with her to make an informed decision. What impressed me most was how calmly and gracefully Jaymi handled the court hearings when the opposing counsel became emotional and unprofessional. I can confidently say that Jaymi had my best interest in mind throughout the process and achieved the best outcome with reasonable hours billed. I recommend Jaymi and the amazing Hoover Krepelka team when it comes to any family law needs.

– Anonymous via Avvo

I consulted with Jim on a personal matter and he gave freely of his time and advice, based on years of experience. He was both compassionate and no-nonsense. He told the unvarnished truth and helped me develop realistic expectations. I also know Jim to be a great supporter of women and he’s a wonderful mentor. I would highly recommend Jim or anyone on his team.

– Consult via Avvo

I would like to extend my appreciation for you. You have been very professional, thorough and driven in finding the correct solution to my case and you have been on top of everything. Also thanks for being so patient in answering many questions I had about this issue.

– Client

I have been a practicing litigator for over 20 years. I used Jim Hoover and the Krepelka law firm in connection with my divorce. Jim and his staff’s knowledge of family law is unequalled, and the quality of their paperwork, client management, and oral advocacy are stellar. Jim is practical, knowledgeable, creative, and aggressive when necessary. My case included the gamut of family law issues and they were all expertly handled.
– Anonymous via Findlaw, May 10, 2022
Thank you, Jim, Julia, and Andrea, for all your support and guidance over the past two years. It was a very rough time for me personally, but you went out of your way to help out.
– Client
Kelsey has been so great to work with. Her attention to detail was amazing! I feel like my case was always very prepared with her on my team. She was constantly following up on all the issues to make sure everything was properly addressed. She was professional and able to handle a very difficult opposing counsel! She might be just starting her legal career but she has already shown to be top notch!!! I would recommend Kelsey to anyone. When working with Kelsey you also get the support of the very experienced firm including Jim Hoover. Their approach and teamwork makes sure everything with your case is handled properly!!! Divorce is not easy, but having Kelsey, Jim & Julia on your team you know you are in good hands!!
– Client via Avvo
Without a doubt, I would recommend Travis Krepelka (and Hoover Krepelka) to any friends or family who found themselves in an extremely challenging divorce like mine. Travis is honest, straight forward and always conservative in setting expectations. He always encouraged me to take the high road no matter how difficult, always making sure my kids were top of mind and the priority. He is incredibly professional, responsive and accountable. He set the expectations early on that my case was going to be challenging, he outlined the costs for each hearing and each trial and always listened to my concerns. He continually incorporated my ideas and thoughts into his strategy. Throughout our 5 year case, he always assured me that the court would see the respondent’s true colors, they would see his lies, and sanction his blatant disregard for court orders. He assured me it would take time but it would happen. In the end, he was right, the court did see the respondent’s true colors and I started to win repeatedly. I am thankful I had Travis leading me, encouraging me to take the high road with grace and integrity.
– Client via Findlaw
Really professional & Helpful during a stressful situation.
– Client via Findlaw
Jim and his team are the best family attorneys. I have a “one of a kind “ and highly complicated divorce case and I did interview several reputable attorneys. I really did my research. I absolutely have no regret hiring Jim and his team. My advice would be “hire Jim before your spouse does”.
Jim is very knowledgeable, competent, experienced, professional, ethical and realistic. He is also amazing and incredibly articulate in courts! Divorce can get very nasty and expensive. I find Jim and his team to be very ethical in his process. I am grateful for Jim and his team!
– Client via Avvo
I hired Jim after having begun the divorce process with a lawyer in solo practice. My divorce was very high conflict and involved child abuse and it was obvious that the time and energy required to deal with the demands of the case required a larger law firm. To date I have worked with Jim and his team on child custody and could not be happier or more grateful with the positive outcome and the way Jim handled the case. He is incredibly experienced in family law and the family court process and was very strategic in how he approached the very antagonistic situation that the opposing team had set up. As a person and professional Jim has the highest integrity. This was an invaluable asset in court where it was very obvious that the judges in our case greatly respected him and strongly considered the points he made. In presenting our case, Jim was very composed and kept his focus on the children and the outcomes he wanted, even when opposing counsel tried to obfuscate the facts and drag the case in a different direction. His approach won out every time! All our requests with respect to the children were granted, setting up a strategy where the children’s voices were heard as central to the custody outcome. In addition to working with Jim, throughout the process I was supported by his top rate team of lawyers who helped with everything from court filings to keeping me updated on all communications with opposing counsel and who were never more than an email away. Going through an incredibly difficult divorce, I’m very grateful to have Jim and his team by my side. He is a very strong advocate for his clients. I would not hesitate to recommend Jim and his law firm to anyone going through a divorce, especially a complicated divorce with a high conflict personality. I feel that Jim and his team have seen it all before and are experienced enough to strategize for the best possible outcomes.
– Client via Avvo
I have been working with Jim and his team on a matter of child support and custody. He and his team have been responsive, clear on action items, next steps and possible strategies and outcomes. He and his team build trust and I have been very pleased with them.
– Client via Avvo
I spoke to a few attorneys regarding my visitation and child support case with my ex-wife and it immediately became clear that Jim is the most knowledgeable and experienced. He’s very friendly and kept it transparent the entire consultation. Should I have to hire someone for help with family law, I wouldn’t hesitate to reach out to him and his team. As a real estate broker/agent, he left no doubt who I’ll be referring clients to that are going thru a divorce and in need of reliable representation.
– Client via Avvo
Jim was especially great in court. He made strong arguments to the judge and did so in a calm and composed manner. Mr. Hoover saw the big picture in my case and was an excellent strategist. He always took the high road with opposing counsel and had my kid’s interests as a top priority. He’s clearly done this before and knows how to respectfully and assertively get his client’s point across.
– Client via Avvo
I have engaged Mr. Hoover and his firm representing me in my divorce case. Even though it has been a challenging and emotionally taxing process, Mr. Hoover and his team have been supporting me and keeping my head straight every step of the way. Throughout the interaction and the process incurred so far, it is clear that Mr. Hoover is an expert in the field and knows the law and legal system very well. At the same time, I can attest that Mr. Hoover is a very caring person with his client’s best interest in mind. I will not hesitate at all to recommend Mr. Hoover’s service to those who are in need of legal representation for family law matters.
– Client via Avvo
Karlina represented me in a complex, drawn-out, expensive divorce with custody and parental alienation issues. The opposing party was a seasoned attorney not hesitating to use any dirty tactic to win at all cost. Karlina presented the truth in a manner that was clear and loud, enough to turn the tide in the case after several previous attorneys. Karlina always had the big picture in mind and while preparing for the trial, she kept the settlement option on the table at all times. She never hesitated to advocate for the best option to proceed, sometimes against my first or second choice. And after looking back, with all the dust settling, she was absolutely right. She had the tactic, the strategy, and my back. Huge appreciation for what you did, Karlina! Thank you!
– Client via Avvo
I want to say that Sally is a great employee for you. She is a great person to work with. I’m really impressed by her. She has a good personality, she is quick, she followed up. You don’t always find that with people.
– Consult
Elaine did my prenuptial agreement. She listened to my concerns and answered all my questions. Elaine is a highly competent, intelligent and trustworthy attorney. She kept me well informed and quickly returned phone calls and emails. I would highly recommend using her to anyone!
– Client via Avvo
Well beyond competent. Amazing team never dropped the ball and makes the best out of every situation. Highly recommend. Travis and team were absolutely incredible.
Mafoto Share
I am so grateful to everyone on your team. I spend a lot of time with Jaymi so I have more feedback on her. She is wonderful to work with. She truly cares about my two cases and my situation. She is very smart, thorough, patient and responsive. I can’t say enough good things about her.

– Client

Outstanding attorney and human being
I had the opportunity to work with Julia durnig my long and contentious divorce settlement…. Read More

– Client

Julia was an expert guide through my mediated divorce. I always felt heard and empowered to self-advocate after our conversations…. Read More
Andrea represented me in a rather adversarial child custody situation and with my divorce. I couldn’t have asked for better representation!… Read More

– John

Julia was recommended by one of my friend. Choosing her was the best thing I did for my divorce. Julia has a great work ethic, and great personality. She was very proactive during my 2- year divorce. she always answered my email/concerns very quickly. She advise me on what to do when I was stuck… Read More
When it was time to renegotiate my settlement because my ex retired, Jim was great to work with. My ex spouse had made a proposal for the new settlement and was very confident that it was fair. After consulting with Jim, I realized that was not the case. I have a hard time sticking up for myself and my ex spouses arguments can be very convincing… Read More
Jim is a great attorney. He is very professional and very friendly. He saved me out of my divorce case! Before…Read More
It was a pleasure to work with Elaine. She was very professional and very responsive. She always…. Read More
Jim helped me with a family-court issue that arose a couple of years ago as a result of my ex-husband committing significant breaches to our custody agreement, in several areas, within just a matter of days. Things…. Read More

– Client via Avvo

First and foremost, thank you so much Travis! I’ve been through 4 years and 2 separate lawyers trying to get my defaulted divorce finalized. It took Travis 6 months to fix, work out the bugs and get my divorce finalized. Anyone…. Read More

– Client

I wanted to thank you for all the support you and your firm has provided me during my divorce process. I wanted to commend the work of Ms. Kelsey Hickman. Since she has been on my case she has been extremely…. Read More

– Client

Jim and Travis at Hoover Krepelka, LLP are the ultimate professionals. Their years of deep experience in family law shines through in all their communications. We refer many clients…. Read More

– Somita Via Google

I have known and have been referring Travis Krepelka for over 10 years! He is absolutely an exemplary attorney. I love that he offers a consultation to make sure… Read More

– Doug Via Yelp

I have referred several business clients and contacts to Hoover Krepelka for help with their family law matters. The firm has been top notch in helping them resolve these difficult life problems…. Read More

– Steve Via Yelp

I needed a tough attorney to work on my divorce case which has been prolonged more than 3 years. I jumped on and off to three different law firms and my divorce never ended until I found the Hoover Krepelk, LLP firm…. Read More

– Bob Via Yelp

I have personally know Jim Hoover for over a decade. I have reffered friends and family to his law firm with outstanding results. He and his law firm are a first class act… Read More

– Via Google

Absolutely amazing!
Jim helped me all the way through my meditation process with my ex. I had just started my own business and the conflict was very distracting… Read More

– Via Google

Travis was my divorce attorney. Did Travis minimize the monetary repercussions of my divorce and maximize my results? Yes he did. Did he provide me with the best information and strategy to help me make informed decisions regarding…. Read More

– Candice Via Yelp

Dear Jim & Karlina, You guys are simply rockstars!!! You guys are the first step that opened the doors… Read More

– Client

I retained Jim Hoover to handle a variety of civil issues for me. Not only was he and his law firm extremely professional, but also very caring. Even after my issues were resolved, Jim continued… Read More

– Client Via Avvo

Travis Krepelka handled my divorce and was outstanding in every way. His knowledge, experience, and insights are matched only by his caring for all… Read More

– Client

“I contacted Jim for a family matter consultation. Jim and his staff make you feel welcome right from the start… Read More

– Consultation

“Thank you very much for doing such a fantastic job putting this together and helping me through the process… Read More

– Client

“Sharp and sweet. You help me through one of the most difficult times in my life. I will forever be grateful to your law-firm. Thank you Karlina… Read More

– L.T.

“I left a message after hours. I received a call back promptly by the support team and a personal call from the named partner. I had a short time frame to accomplish my objective and I was done within days… Read More

– Craig N

“I wanted to sincerely thank you for your time and undivided attention during our consultation. You answered questions, specially about Supervised Visitation, that I didn’t even know I had!! Ironically, during our conversation… Read More

– Consultation

Karlina is a first class attorney! Early on in my case she was brought in to assist with the assigned attorney, but she made her mark because of her genuine concern for clients…. Read More

– Sandra

Atty. Karlina is a very compassionate lawyer. She can feel what her client is going through. She did everything to help my sister get the justice she deserves. Thanks again attorney.

– Myrna

“I could not have been in better hands. James Hoover understood my challenge and the approach I wished to take… Read More

– Maureen C.

“I couldn’t have done it without such an amazing team….I cannot tell you how relieved, grateful and happy I am! … I thank you both for your counsel, guidance and patience with me… Read More

– Client

I hired Jim after letting go of my first attorney. When I came to him, my ex-wife and I were in a tumultuous battle. With Jim’s help we were able finalize the divorce amicably. Jim is an expert and truly cares about his clients.

– Stuart

I worked with James Hoover in a divorce case and he gave me top notch advice on how to move forward with my case. He helped address the strong-arm tactics that we saw from opposing counsel and made me feel more in control of the whole process.

– David

“Julia is a competent, hardworking, and trustworthy attorney that always has her client’s best interests in mind. She is an exceptional lawyer and a wonderful person, too. I would definitely recommend her to anyone.”

– Prashant V.

Jim and his staff are amazing. I was divorcing a highly narcissistic individual who would not participate in the process. I never thought it would get finished (it had been going for 8 years before I came to Jim.)…Read More

– Client

“During a sensitive transition Julia was a guiding light for a mutual client. I couldn’t recommend anyone else for your family law needs. Thank you Julia.”

– Dan B.

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