Committing to a Prenuptial Agreement before You Commit to Marriage

by | Dec 20, 2016 | Firm News

“Our love will last forever, we don’t need a prenuptial agreement.”

This sentiment certainly feels true when you are still in the planning phases of your big day and may even last long after the honeymoon. The common misconception is that prenuptial agreements show a lack of trust in your relationship, when actually it is a symbol of solidarity and pragmatism that a good, solid relationship needs.

By outlining the outcome of a divorce, no matter the cause, and ensuring that the split will be as amicable as possible can set both parties at ease. Marriages based on honesty and real love can become stronger when both people are aware that the other cannot take advantage of them.

No one wants to think about infidelity before they even commit, but spouses can rest easy that if their partner should betray them, penalties and safeguards can be built into their prenuptial agreement.

Protecting your assets and future family can be done easily with the help of a family law specialist. You would be surprised at what can be handled in a lawful prenuptial agreement.

With the help of an esteemed professional, all of your worries and concerns can be addressed and pacified in a legal and binding fashion. Whether you have already written your prenuptial agreement and need it reviewed, or need to build one from the beginning, the family law attorneys at Hoover Krepelka are ready to assist you in starting your marriage, and your life, on the same page. Call 408-389-7099 today to schedule a free consultation.