Don’t be afraid to ask for help fleeing domestic violence

by | Apr 18, 2019 | Family Law

No one should have to go through the trauma of violence in the home, but many people deal with it every day. Domestic violence is a true problem in American society, and it can be a roadblock to people who want to leave their relationships.

As someone dealing with abuse, you should not wait to seek help. You have a right to go to the police on your own or with those you need to protect. Your attorney can help you seek a protective order while you get your injuries documented.

Both physical and psychological abuse qualify as domestic abuse. In the case that you’re leaving due to psychological abuse, it’s a good idea to keep as many records as you can. Collect text messages, get witness testimonies and provide copies to your attorney for court.

Why is documentation so important?

In most cases of domestic violence, there will be no outside witnesses. As a result, it’s up to you to show your injuries and to document your side of the story. That may mean going to the emergency room and reporting the incident, filing police reports and seeking temporary protective orders. Doing this can help you begin to build a case that will be used against the other party. This case could help you quickly obtain a divorce and may help you protect your children from abuse if you have any together.

Our site has more on domestic abuse and what you can do if you’re struggling with abuse at home. Don’t wait to reach out for help; People are here to assist you.