Getting ready for divorce court: Here’s what to expect

by | Aug 14, 2020 | Divorce

You never thought that your spouse would make your divorce as contentious as they have, but since you are involved in a long, drawn-out conflict, you’re glad to be going to court. You want to be as prepared as possible, so you can get the settlement that you want and move on with your life.

Preparing for divorce court is one thing that your attorney is going to talk to you about ahead of time. There are many things that can affect you in court, from the time you arrive to the way you look in the courtroom.

What do you need to prepare before you go to court?

The first thing that your divorce attorney will do is get all of your court documents together. Your attorney will bring these with them to court. If you have additional documents for court, make copies and forward them to your attorney in advance.

You should also prepare to arrive at court early, rather than on time, and to look professional. You should dress like you’re going to a business meeting or interview; wearing a jacket, suit or other professional attire makes you look well-prepared and respectful.

Finally, your attorney will talk to you about when to speak, how to address the judge and about showing (or not showing) the emotions you’re going through. You do need to act appropriately, which means respectfully, when you’re in court. Speaking overtop the other party, having outbursts or interrupting the judge can all hurt your case. Our website has more on what you should know about going to court over your divorce.