How is Child Support Calculated in California?

by | Mar 30, 2018 | Child Custody And Visitation

Calculating child support in California can be complicated for either parent. A calculator has been provided by the State of California and you can simply enter your relevant information into and the calculator will be able to determine how much might be paid. However, there are some factors that could affect how much child support you might end up paying.

The amount of income earned by each of the child’s parents could affect child support. All income from all sources will be taken into account so make sure you have paperwork that depicts self-employment or other wages. Other expenses that will be considered are mortgage obligations, property tax, union dues and health insurance costs. The number of children can also affect child support and this includes children from prior marriages. Unpaid child support from another marriage can also affect the current child support case.

It is recommended to collect and provide evidence of all your expenses and hire an attorney if need be to look over your case. Child support attorneys are trained to calculate child support based on your evidence and offer you legal counsel if you case becomes complicated. When a verdict is reached regarding the amount of child support, a child support order will be handed down and the paying parent has to comply with the order. The money is deducted from the paying parent’s income and paid to the recipient parent to make sure that the child receives the necessary support.

Children need the support of their parents and it can be tough to calculate how much child support they’ll need without breaking either parent’s bank. Before making any decisions regarding child support, contact an experienced child support attorney at Hoover ♦ Krepelka Family Law Attorneys. We’ll do our best to keep you and your child’s interests in mind when pursing child support from your spouse. Schedule a free consultation with a family law attorney today.

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