Using spousal support payments smartly

by | Aug 24, 2018 | Firm News

Did you recently get divorced in San Jose? If so, you likely aren’t ready to move into a home by yourself. Divorce can cause a shock to your system to the point where you have to condition yourself to be a single person again. If you are the recipient of spousal support it’s a smart idea to use the payments smartly so you are able to pay the bills each month and have a place to live.

The very first use for spousal support should be to ensure you have a place to live. Whether you use it to pay the rent or make mortgage payments, be sure you use spousal support for this expense first.

You will be dropped from your former spouse’s health plan, which means you will need to find your own coverage unless you have some from your employer. Use spousal support to purchase health coverage, auto insurance, dental, vision, and homeowner’s or renter’s insurance.

Get rid of any debt you still have to your name with spousal support. You don’t want to begin your newfound single life with debt. Whether this debt is from student loans, credit cards or an auto loan you should pay it off immediately.

Go back to school using spousal support. You can earn a degree or go to trade school, all of which can help you find employment and get back on your feet as a single person.

Did you know that spousal support payments do not last forever? They will have an expiration date assigned by the court. They, technically, are used for rehabilitative purposes until you can find employment and support yourself again.

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